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The simplest way to create a shortcut to the folder is to search for Adobe Illustrator X or Adobe Illustrator X Settings, right click, choose Create Shortcut, and place it where it is most convenient, maybe on the Desktop.

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There is also a description of how to find the folder in Move the folder. With this, it is always easy to open the folder and create custom and backups AIPrefs:.

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Whenever it is convenient or necessary replacing the current AIPrefs file, this can be done by copying and pasting the desired version from its subfolder. This must always be done when Illustrator is closed: otherwise the replaced version of the AIPrefs file will recur when you close Illustrator. This means that when you have created an adequate set of backup and custom files you will never have to just delete the AIPrefs file with the subsequent rebuilding of your preferences.

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  8. Ticking Read-only in AIPrefs file Properties, the preferences can neither be changed nor corrupted until you untick; the Read-only property is also copied when pasting. This will effectively prevent one of the most frequent causes of workflow breakdown. However, it prevents you from changing the settings, and you will often get a message about it when you close Illustrator. A number of settings are impossible to change although they seem to appear with options in the file; this includes the ButtCap and the MiterJoin in the Stroke palette, the hidden rulers and grid, and the Overprint Fill and Stroke option in the Appearance palette.

    As mentioned above, all the changeable settings in the AIPrefs file may be established by changing preferences while working in Illustrator, except for changing the default font:. I'm working through this issue, but new to There does not appear to be any option to "Save" as I back out of Character Styles.

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    A bit more help, and I should have it. Thanks, George.

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    Just Save the file. I just changed the one for my Print profile and it was immediate. Larry, et. It takes an extra step to Save on I figured it out, so give me a few minutes and I'll send the extra step process. There are several additiional steps needed to make this work.

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