Will mac ever support blu ray

Watch and rip Blu-ray movies on your Mac

You can even create video playlists from various files. Leawo Blu-ray Player is a solid standalone app.

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  • And all that for zero dollars. Leawo Software is a multimedia software developer dedicated to providing practical and useful software products and services to worldwide media fans.

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    New iOS beta offers clue to iPhone 11 Pro launch date. I am reviewing the UJ, which I acquired from our eBay seller, and I will explain the top five reasons why this particular Blu-ray drive is a must have for any media enthusiast. Back-up copies are easy to make. Blue-ray discs can store 25 GB single-layer or 50 GB dual-layer of data.

    Why Macs Will Never Get Blu-ray – Gigaom

    One thing to note is that software packages such as those just mentioned are essential to authoring your own Blu-ray discs and playing back commercial media. With functionality gained and no loss to what already existed, upgrading to a Blu-ray capable internal drive is a wise decision for anyone who wants to either enjoy or create more content on their Mac! Imagine yourself on a plane ride wanting to enjoy your favorite Blu-rays from your home collection. Think about the logistics involved with using a small tray and having to hang the cord off to the side somewhere while you load your disc.

    In addition to superior picture quality, the Blu-ray movie is playing directly from the disc, takes up no hard drive space, and can be easily used in any Blu-ray player. When DVD was released, all computers, both desktops and portables, were quickly able to take advantage of the technology from a consumption and creative standpoint. Physical media is still desirable for its versatility, and with Blu-ray media displacing the DVD as the finest and greatest capacity optical disc format for both commercially developed media and for blank media, it seems obvious to adopt it — as much as Apple would rather not have you do so.

    There are plenty of options for those who would rather enjoy HD digital content on the go, but for those who already own commercially produced Blu-ray films, the UJ will add impressive value to your Mac by allowing you to both author your own Blu-rays and enjoy the commercial discs you already own without the penalty of an external enclosure or cords. We can create products that are smaller, lighter and consume less power.

    How to Watch Blu-Ray Movies on your Apple Mac Computer

    Aside from any technical issues Apple may have, ditching discs makes business sense for the fruit-flavoured Californian company. Apple doesn't make any money when you watch a film on a disc, but, because it sells movies as downloads in the iTunes Store, it does create an opportunity to make money when it drives you away from discs.

    Macgo Blu-ray Media Player

    More money for Apple's coffers, but not so great if you have a large collection of DVDs. If you can't let go of your little spinning plastic plates for your filmic fix, you can get an external Blu-ray player, or look out for films that include an Ultraviolet version. Ultraviolet is a service that stores a digital copy of selected films you can buy on Blu-ray.

    Purchase the disc and it comes with a code that allows you to stream or download the film to your phone, tablet, laptop or computer.