Mac based acl in squid

Below you can see different examples to allow or deny access based on MAC address in squid proxy. Create a file and create a list of multiple MAC addresses you wish to restrict. To do that follow below configuration. I am Hafiz Haider , co-founder of BroExperts.

How To Bind MAC with IP in SQUID | Sohail Riaz

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Notify me of new posts by email. Search for: Search. Note that this is a network design issue, not a bug or a flaw.

ACL elements

I'm afraid that VPS server already might do the bridging. This is also my suspicion - hence the request for the network layout Although, are you sure that a bridge hides MAC addresses? I thought they passed ethernet frames from side to side as-is In reply to this post by Yuri Voinov My config is a little longer, But it worked fine in recent months.

You can skip the --enable-auth and --enable-auth-basic as well if you like. Both are enabled by default.

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Distro packagers like to list all the features enabled explicitly. All options are optional hence the name.

Configure Squid Proxy Server Mac Address Based Filtering

IIRC, Eliezer has 3. Should have exited with a "compiler cannot make executables" error. In reply to this post by Antony Stone It seem like i missing so many reply, Sorry for all. If you mean that you think it will not work, you are correct.


Why that requirement? You need special browser configuration to connect to a proxy using TLS. The only browser that supports this is Chrome when configured with a PAC file or when run manually with special command line options. When that happens the MAC is visible through router hops.

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  8. COM Data Recovery. Mac address based filtering in squid proxy. Author 1 comment. Add the above two lines to squid. Restart or reload squid service.

    PMR-SRC - Configurando Squid Proxy + ACLs

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