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You'll be prompted with several questions about how to configure Windows for your needs.

How to Install Windows 10 on Mac using Boot Camp Assistant

These steps will take some time, depending on your computer's hardware capabilities. Windows will do its final configurations. This step will take some time, depending on your computer's hardware capabilities. Make sure your computer remains plugged in to an AC outlet during this process. Once Windows has started may take some time , the Boot Camp installer will walk you through installing Apple's support software.

You have finished installing Windows on your Mac. You have the option to boot to either Windows or macOS when starting your Mac. You can also select one operating system for the computer to start by default. This is document bewm in the Knowledge Base. Last modified on Skip to: content search login. Knowledge Base Search. Log in.

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Partitioning your system's hard drive with Boot Camp Assistant may erase all your data. Alternatively, you can use Time Machine with an external hard drive to back up your entire Mac computer; for instructions, see Mac Basics: Time Machine backs up your Mac. If you need assistance setting up Time Machine, contact your campus Support Center. Pre-installation notes Notes:. This guide is written for macOS High Sierra, version If your computer cannot run macOS High Sierra version Determine whether your computer can run Windows 10; refer to Apple's System requirements to install Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp.

If you see a "Create a Windows 7 or later install disk" checkbox, your Mac supports this feature. Installation guide Note:. These instructions are intended strictly as a guide for installing a fully updated bit version of Windows on a macOS High Sierra Perform these steps in order.

Step 1: Check for macOS updates Before configuring Boot Camp, it is critical to make sure that your Mac's software is up-to-date, which lessens the risk of encountering problems during installation: In the menu bar, from the Apple menu, click App Store. At the top of the window, click Updates.

BootCamp Drivers direct download for Windows 7 and 8

If there are updates for your computer, in the upper right corner of the window, click Update All. This process is called partitioning a disk, and requires that you disable FileVault whole-disk encryption provided by Apple : In the menu bar, from the Apple menu, click System Preferences. Click FileVault. The FileVault control panel will open, locked by default. Before you can disable FileVault, it requires you to unlock the control panel to show that you're an administrator on your computer. To do so, click the lock icon. The integration with macOS amazingly well done, and the speed blows away Virtualbox.

In the long run, the price is well worth it. You can even use Parallels to load your Boot Camp partition as a virtual machine while you are in macOS, giving you the best of both worlds. Windows 8. Ready to install Windows? How you should allocate the space depends on how much space you want for your Windows system and how much space you want for your macOS system.

Apple Boot Camp Publisher's Description

You can keep using your Mac while all this is running, though things will slow down a lot during the partitioning phase. You did back up, right? However, there are random BSOD frequently. Any tips you can help? Many readers would appreciate an article about this topic.

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Good luck. I ran into a series of problems getting Windows 10 installed onto my late MacBook Pro running I hope the author has actually performed this process because it is by no means as simple as what is posted here. In short, the full process is nothing short of a nightmare with Apple to blame for each of the problems along the way.

But there are some helpful, more realistic descriptions of what it takes to get everything to work elsewhere on the net.

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It is definitely possible to do it, but expect trouble. The hardware is great.

[NEW] How to Run Windows 10 on Mac for FREE!! ANY MacOS Version!!

The drivers work really well. In fact you can just install Windows only on Apple hardware and it runs great. I am only using Windows for games, which I keep on an external drive, and for about 5GB of combined apps and documents. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

How to install Windows 7 on MacBook Pro with Bootcamp, without CD

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