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It comes with libraries that support WWW programming, sockets, interfaces to other languages eg C, Java, TclTk, relational databases , etc. The compiler allows you to generate architecture-independent and standalone executables. The system also includes lpdoc, an automatic document generator. This Prolog compiler complies with the ISO standard for Prolog with useful extensions like global variables, ability to interface with the operating system, etc and produces a native binary that can be run standalone.

It is smart enough to avoid linking unused built-in predicates.

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It also has an interactive interpreter and a Prolog debugger as well as a low-level WAM debugger. You can interface with C code both ways. It is a traditional Edinburgh system, where you are placed in a traditional Prolog console to enter queries, etc. The program is for non-commercial use only, and does not come with any documentation.

You probably should try other free implementations with better documentation and support. The freeware version of this compiler requires you to distribute the sources of your code since it does not allow you to save the compiled executable to disk. A Prolog compiler that may be used freely in a research and educational environment.

Both sources and binaries Win32, almost all Unix platforms, etc are provided. The Personal Edition of this compiler is available for Windows systems. The licence only allows you to use it for non-commercial purposes. It also creates a banner in your executables. Also included are support for multiple threads, regular expressions, handle templates, collections, and mutable variables.

Kernel Prolog is a Java based Prolog interpreter with built-ins based on Fluents, a Prolog extension providing reflection and smooth interoperation with external objects. It also means that your programs that embed the interpreter will need to be released under GPL too. It is designed to be lightweight with a minimal core that contains only the most essential properties of a Prolog engine, yet be configurable so that you can load predicates, functors and operators either statically or dynamically.

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