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However, different versions of the game are available on many platforms. For a summary of all the different Minecraft editions, visit the Minecraft Wiki's Edition comparison. Nintendo Switch.

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Support for off-screen play. Release dates and feature information for upcoming versions aren't yet available, information about upcoming updates can be found through each developer site. Did you find this article helpful? Yes I found this article helpful. No I did not find this article helpful. Share Tweet Share. Since the add-on ecosystem is closed, the process of getting add-ons is a lot simpler, and safer, than getting mods for the Java version.

It isn't free, but it is all done from right inside Minecraft itself. While Minecraft mods are usually pretty safe, there are always risks involved with downloading and installing files that you find on the Internet. Some of the most important concerns are:. Most of these potential problems can be avoided by only downloading Minecraft mods from reputable sources. If a mod is well known, and the creator of the mod has an official site, then that's always the safest place to download from. If you're not sure whether or not a mod is safe, then looking at a site like The Minecraft Forum is usually the best option.

This allows you to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the Minecraft community, but there are still some important things to keep in mind:. The list isn't exhaustive, but if a site does show up on it, you're better off looking for the mod you want somewhere else.

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Another good idea is to look for videos on YouTube before you download a mod. This allows you to see what the mod looks like in action, check that there isn't any inappropriate content, and also verify that the mod is actually real. Share Pin Email.

Jeremy Laukkonen is a tech writer drawing from experience as a technology ghostwriter and as the creator of a popular blog and a video game startup. Updated December 30, Download and install Minecraft Forge we'll explain that further down below, if you don't already have it. Download a Minecraft mod from a trusted source.

Minecraft Mods can make playing the game easier - and more fun

Place mod into your Minecraft folder. Launch Minecraft like you normally would. With Minecraft Forge, the process really is that easy. Launch Minecraft. Click Store. Click an add-on that you want. What would you like to add or change about Minecraft? Are you interested in purely cosmetic changes, or do you want major gameplay changes? Do you just want new recipes to craft, or do you want to experience a brand new adventure or world? How to download and install Forge:. Navigate to the official Forge website.

Click on Windows installer if you have Windows or Installer if you have a Mac. If you don't have any specific mods in mind, download the recommended version. Some older mods will only work with older versions of Forge, in which case you need to click show all versions and then locate the compatible version. The next screen will show an advertisement.

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Wait for the ad timer to run down, and click Skip in the upper right corner. Do not click anything else on the page. Wait for Forge to download, open the file that you downloaded, and click Install Client. Launch Minecraft, and check the profiles drop-down menu. Click the profile called Forge, and then click Play.

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Wait for the game to fully load, and then exit Minecraft. Back up Your Minecraft Files Before Installing Any Mod Mods are usually harmless, and you can typically just delete them if they don't work the way you expected or you just don't want them anymore. How to install a Minecraft mod with Forge:. Locate a mod that you have downloaded, or download a new mod. If downloading a new mod, make sure to choose one that it is compatible your versions of both Minecraft and Forge.

Locate the folder on your computer that contains Minecraft. Then open Application Support and look for Minecraft there. Copy the. Launch Minecraft, make sure the Forge profile is active, and click Play. Click the mods button to verify that the mod was properly installed. If these terms are unfamiliar, they're actually pretty easy to understand:. Skins: change the appearance of your character. Textures: change the appearance of the world by making blocks and creatures look different.

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Worlds: add custom worlds to play in and can also change gameplay like a real mod. Mashups: include a mixture of skins, textures, and worlds in a themed package.

How To Download & Install Shaders in Minecraft 1.13 on A Mac

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