Mac touchpad not working on windows 8

My ass.

Macbook Pro Keyboard and Trackpad stopped working

The only damage dust could do is clog the fan and if its metallic dust like in a workshop, then I can actual damage from shorting something out but thats very unlikely. To clear your PRAM, 1. Shut down your machine. Yes, all the way down, not sleep or logging out. Press the power button and then press command-option-p-r. Hold those keys down until your Mac reboots again and you here the startup chime.

Let go of the keys and let your Mac reboot normally. Jun 24, 1 0 0.

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How can you reset the PRAM when the keys are not working. You need to hit the keys to reset the pram, and the keys don't work.

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  7. Jul 7, 1 0 0. Jul 18, 1 0 0. After that, my keyboard and trackback become again unresponsive. Any other suggestions? Connected external keyboard and trackback work perfectly. Aug 23, 1 0 0. I had a similar issue, I went to the Apple Store, the attendant told me he had reset the SMC with the keyboard not sure he did or could and I'd have to replace the topcase because it was likely water damage.

    I asked them kindly if they could check for something inside, to do so they unplugged the battery - SMC reset and now I am typing on the keyboard! Nov 9, 1 0 10, 0.

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    I had the exact same problem. Apparently the cable that connects the track-pad and keyboard needed replaced. The apple genius said it happens frequently enough that he knew right away what was wrong. They replaced the cable and now everything seems to be working. FYI - the power button goes through a different connection, which is why it still works. Sep 25, 1 0 0. Oct 3, 2 0 0. Don't know exactly wich file, I just made a search for files containing "login".

    trackpad not working

    I get 7 files, move it outside that folder and it works. Writing this post from my original keyboard. I don't know if the problem will reapear but definetly the issue is located there. Oct 14, 2 0 0. Sorry, the problem came back again after deleting login files. After doing a complete restore things go back to normal but that only last 2 days.

    The Autoupdate feature was on and it automatically updated from version I suspect that update could cause the problem, so I used Time Machine again and go back to the same restore point v. One weird thing that I noticed is that the problem seems that it gets worse with time, before the restore, the trackpad and keypad doesn't work at all, but after the restore, both work intermittently until both reach a point where it doesn't respond at all.

    I'm still looking for the solution. Any recommendations? Oct 17, 7 0 0. The trackpad and keyboard work intermittently after hard reboot SOMETIMES but most of the time is instantly stuck upon load, or gets stuck shortly after logging into the user. I've had 5 different software engineers, 4 leads, look at this issue and the only thing anyone could think of doing was wiping the hard drive and starting from scratch.

    There's no way this is hardware, the power-option-command-shift buttons all work to quickly turn off the system. I've read about this issue on a ton of forums and the following "solutions" are provided by random people: 1. Delete all the files on your desktop 2. Delete all the files from your downloaded folder 3. Hardware problems per Apple 5. Stand on one foot and spin It's all BS and this is a software issue. Apple needs to address this publicly or in a software update. Around two days ago, I noticed that while I was typing my password, it failed to register some keys, which was peculiar because I repeat the action several times per day without failure.

    Then, I realised the trackpad stopped clicking sometimes. While flicking through my desktops, I noticed the Force Touch trackpad would not return the 'clicking' sensation back when I pressed. Then, there were repetitions of my Macbook freezing on the login screen. It would take me several restarts to allow me to use the Macbook again. Sometimes it would also freeze whilst using the device too. Now, the keyboard and trackpad does not respond at all. External peripherals still work.

    What is strange is that the keyboard and trackpad do not work when the Macbook is on, but when I use the keyboard to boot into Single-user mode or Recovery mode or whatever, the keys that I use work just fine.

    A helpful guide

    So, I know the keys do not work as keys, but the system can sense that they're being pressed. Same goes for the trackpad. When I touch the trackpad, it repeats the same process of pressing a key.

    How can I fix this? Is this a software or hardware problem? I've read dozens of articles, and most recommend replacing the ribbon cable above the battery, as that seems to be what is causing the problem. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. EDIT: I just found out that the trackpad and keyboard do not work when the bottom of the Macbook Pro is in contact with a surface. Is this a hardware issue, then? Because in Single-user mode, the keys are responded to even when the bottom lid is flat to the table.

    This hurts my brain. I recently had a big problem with the partitions on my MacBook Air. I still don't understand what happened but basically, I opened my mac and it had frozen on the login screen. I tried moving the mouse and it was unresponsive. I thought it had crashed or something so I held down the power button to perform a force restart. I had installed a windows partition on my mac using bootcamp so the mac booted into windows.

    I shut it down and held down the option key when powering on to selection my OS X start up disk. The disk selection screen did not even come up and it booted straight into windows. I couldn't find any information online about my problem and decide to plug a windows keyboard in my MacBook Air. When I did this, a screen came up with an Apple mouse, suggesting me to power it on. Of course, I didn't have any mouse connected and didn't think I would need to connect one as it is a laptop. My trackpad wasn't working so I went and grabbed an external mouse to plug in and it worked.

    The problem now is that the mac will only function with the external keyboard and mouse. The built-in keyboard and trackpad simple don't work anymore. Whenever I try booting the MacBook Air without an external keyboard or mouse plugged in, I get the same window suggesting my to power on an Apple mouse and keyboard. It seems like a driver related issue but I really have no idea.

    I have already tried running internet recovery mode and it has not fixed the problem.

    Guide On Fix Mac TrackPad Multi Gesture Not Working in Windows 7 and Windows 8 - Next of Windows

    It checks for common issues and makes sure that any new device or hardware attached to your computer was installed correctly. Click On Device Manager. Then find the driver that you are trying to uninstall and right-click on it to Uninstall. Follow onscreen instructions to uninstall it. Hope this helps in resolving the issue. If the issue persists, do get back to us. We will be happy to assist you. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

    Learn more. Skip to main content. Please Help! I have a screen shot of update driver software of touchpad from the device manager but I encountered a problem installing the driver because of the notice of incomplete or damage registry.