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Even with its limited capabilities, Paintbrush does deliver and will not disappoint.

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It provides users with a means to make simple images quickly, something that has been noticeably absent from the Mac for years. Twenty-five years later, every Mac still includes a basic text editor in TextEdit, but a simple paint program is a thing of the past.

You can also paste images copied from many common Mac applications, including Microsoft Office and Apple iWork. Disclaimer: Paintbrush is not intended to replace Adobe Photoshop or other high-end image editors.

Draw, paint, and sketch

Instead, it aims to fill the need for a basic, streamlined, and Mac-native image editor. Whether you need to quickly crop a photo, add some text to an image, or just have fun doodling, Paintbrush has you covered. Sporting a simple and intuitive UI, Paintbrush will have you discovering your inner van Gogh in no time.

Just pick a tool, pick a color, and go! Far inferior to microsoft paint.

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Cut and paste functions simply do not work - when I hit paste it either fails to drop the image at all , just leaving behind an empty selection box, or it drops the image on a completely random part of the canvas and the selection box is separate from the image, so you can't drag and drop it to a new location, which is a real pain when it lands on top of another part of your image so you have to undo and try again. Complete lack of control whatsoever.

Lag is atrocious when doing anything, particularly dragging and dropping images and painting.

The only reason I've tried to persevere with it is because I can't be bothered to set up a virtual windows environment on my mac just for paint. Terrible piece of software. It used to be good now it's just awful, keeps crashing, never opens ANY of my files, and doesn't save my progress. In addition it doesn 't "undo" anything anymore no matter how many times I try.

Awful tool don't recommend until they get it fixed. Very difficult to use, not even half as good as MS paint, program keeps crashing and freezing up my computer. Even when I try to update it, it will have the same problems! Keeps closing down. I've been using this software and it keeps closing on me!

Very frustrating. Cannot edit selections. Very disappointed. I used the Paint on my PC incredibly often to draw house plans and I am unable to select and edit stretch, flip small images such as doors and walls in my drawings now. Brings back the atmosphere of kindergarten.

Did you know there’s a hidden paint app on your Mac? Here’s how to find it

Paintbrush is the great application for kids and their parents. This handy tool is a good w ay to amuse your child. It resembles Paint for Windows. You can make simple images and save them in different formats. There is an option to copy and paste pictures and edit them. Paintbrush brings back the atmosphere of kindergarten. You can relax and create your own masterpiece.

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