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I very much agree. Not sure how to describe it.

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A split view would fix that. While you can Detach an application which is nice , the split view is really helpful. Yes I know u can undock and use the macOS tiling but its not the same. I use to do this with Chrome x2 windows with lots of tabs… station is cooler and lightweight to do this but yea… which i could do split window sessions.

Whether the split screen ability happens in the Station app itself or by them letting us have tabs is up to them… But I really want this idea to come true. Sometimes I need to access an information that is on one app while I edit something on another. It would be easier to do so if I could have them both open at the same time instead of having to switch between them.

Is there any chance of this feature being implemented?

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Simply using the built-in macOS window frame would enable this feature. For everyone following this issue, I found a solution.

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  • I also had some problems at first, especially with Mail. No matter for how long I clicked the green button, nothing happened. Restarting Mail resolved it.

    Enter Split View

    Is it just easiness to place to windows side-by-side? I fully agree with your sentiment. Windows has had this for some time and it works fantastically for most needs, without some clumsy prolonged process that is not very smoothly done. With the simple pressing of 2 buttons you should be able to move a window on the desktop.

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