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How to Encrypt Mac HDD and External USB in Mac OS X El Capitan using FileVault

However, this key is displayed only once, so if and when it happens, make a note of the key and store it safely. Once FileVault is successfully enabled, your Mac will reboot and will prompt you to login with your account credentials. When logged in, the encryption mechanism goes on in the background so you can continue using the Mac without any hurdles. Step 1. Open Finder and select external USB from the list of drives on the left.

Secure your data

Step 2. Key-in encryption password, verify it and also provide a hint when prompted.

How to Encrypt, Decrypt, and Recover Deleted Mac Files

Note: The encryption process might take a while depending upon the size of the USB. Note: Decryption formats the drive so to avoid data loss, clone the encrypted drive before decrypting it. Step 5. Step 6. FileVault 2 is an extremely useful scheme to protect your Mac, but it can prove to be costly performance-wise. How-to Mac. Dhvanesh Adhiya. Last Updated: May 25, pm. Sponsored Links. He is passionate about wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life. The drive should now be reformatted and encrypted as required.

Encrypt with FileVault. While FileVault keys can be generated for managed UVM owned machines, they cannot be generated for external hard drives. The drive should now proceed through the encryption process. Verify the drive has encrypted by selecting the drive in Disk Utility. Formatting your External Drive for BitLocker. Encrypt with BitLocker. While BitLocker keys can be generated for managed UVM owned machines, they cannot be generated for external hard drives.

To resolve this, you'll need to erase and encrypt the USB drive in Disk Utility — before that though, copy any data on the drive to another location for temporary safekeeping. When you select Encrypt , Finder will prompt you to create a password, which you'll need to enter the next time you attach the USB flash drive to a Mac. Don't forget this, otherwise you'll lose access to any data stored on the USB drive!

Once you've chosen a password, verify it, add a meaningful hint if desired, and click Encrypt Disk.

Step 1: Disk Utility

The encryption process depends on how much data you have on the USB flash drive, but you'll know it's completed when its disk icon disappears and re-mounts. You'll now be able to access the contents of the USB flash drive as usual, but if you physically detach it and re-attach it to your Mac you'll be prompted to enter the password. Note that the prompt includes an option for macOS to remember this password in my keychain. Check the box, and whenever you attach the USB stick to your Mac again you won't be prompted to enter the password and you'll have automatic access to it, just like any other drive.

If you ever want to decrypt the USB flash drive in future, right-click or Ctrl-click its disk icon, select Decrypt "[USB stick name]" from the contextual menu, and enter the password to turn off encryption protection. Tags: security , Encryption. Top Rated Comments View all.

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Encrypt Your Entire System Drive

In a bright context mac rumors home page for example , its just terrible. MR editors take note!! Is there a way to force this to back up to iCloud? Thanks I played around with it, and it looks like you can copy the entry from the login Keychain and paste it into the iCloud Keychain.

2 Ways to Encrypt USB Disk on Mac without Erasing Data

But instead of keeping the drive name, it changes it to the UUID of the drive. I right clicked and copied it from login then right clicked and pasted in iCloud Keychain and it made the new entry you see here in the iCloud Keychain.

How to Encrypt Your Mac’s System Drive, Removable Devices, and Individual Files

Presumably this would sync along with everything else in the iCloud Keychain. I have not tested if you delete this entry from login Keychain if this iCloud entry will unlock the drive.

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