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Hi Nate, Looks like the cumulus config has ip address Would try removing the ip address from swp1 and adding it to br instead. Thanks so much for your time and assistance. I am new to cumulus and trying to setup vxlan in a lab environment. Here is a diagram of what I have setup. Lab - Viewing the Switch MAC Address Table

From the documentation it appears that the two cumulus switches need to have a layer 3 relationship via the loopback addresses for vxlan. I guess I am confused as how this needs to be setup. I personally haen't got chance to setup the cumulus vxlan yet, but concept wise, I think loopback is the tunnel end point of vxlan, it is the vtep ip addr.

In that case, here is relevant config of simple example that does not use loopback address. This example does not use the loopback address. In this case, the local tunnel IP is the same as the interface ip on swp1. It is possible to use the loopback interface instead. In that case, it would also be necessary to have ip routing between the loopback addresses.

Additional mac addresses can be added by adding additional post-up bridge This will not usually scale. Therefore, recommend looking into LNV as alternative if possible.

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Also, not sure which switch platform is in use. Hope this helps. Hi Eric, Only one vtep per bridge is supported, however there can be multiple bridges. Believe broadcasts are not forwarded in this scenario ie. Paul, Thanks so much. LNV is actually what I was looking for. Going to try and set this up instead. I am trying to setup NLV with just two leaf's.

Layer 3 communication between loopbacks is established however the remote peers are not showing up.

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Does this look right? Therefore, a third switch is needed. This service node appears to missing based on the provided configuration. For example: auto lo iface lo inet loopback address In addition, registration node daemon must also be enabled on each leaf switch acting as a VTEP.

No "show mac-address-table" on ASA - Cisco Community

Hopes this helps. Paul, I added a third switch and set it up as the service node. Other switches have also had this issue occur. Looks to be me like a bug. I know this is not a feasible solution , I know it is some issue iwth the firmware but in case to avoid high impact you can reboot the switch and update me? Can't clear mac address table from interface. I'm facing a problem, and i've also tried to workaround but not sucessfully. I've got a polycom phone on the swich.

When I connect a laptop on that port, the mac address is learned by the switch and keep the mac address even if I disconnect the ethernet cable from that port and if I try to connect the same laptop on other port on the same switch I've got errdisable error in the last connected port. Although I was figuring out what's wrong and seems that the mac address is kept for some reason in the first port. I've tried with other switches and with other laptops and is the same errdisable status. I was reviewing the switch config and I've got ports with aging time 0 that learn and flush the mac addresses dynamically and I've got ports with aging time 1 that learn and flush the mac addresses at the end of 60 seconds The problem is solved although I need to investigate this issue in other switch models and with other voip phones.

Tks Jon and Julio. The standare Cisco IOS command is show mac-address-table. This command isn't available on this switch. FW v1. Primary N7k cannot query MAC address table. If so, try to failover to it - I have had instances where the MAC address for a specific host has become "stuck" in one supervisor engine, and the only solution was to failover to the second engine and restart the first. If you don't have a redundant engine, you may have to restart your supervisor engine with the "reload module x" command, or by simply restarting the switch.

Note that if you've only got one supervisor module and you reload it, you will lose traffic while it reboots. Hi All I did not type the following command. Why does it appear when I show run? Which command can cause the issue? Thank you mac-address-table static Mac address Hope this helps, Please rate helpful answers.

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Maximum MAC address table size. Hello guys. Mac Address Table.

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  • Thanks in advance Hi, Yes multiple MAC addresses are supported on each port. The switch learns the MAC by noting the source address of the packet received on each port and on that basis it builds what we call MAC address table. There is an aging mechanism in place which removes the inactive MAC addresses and allows new ones to be learned as devices are connected and disconnected.

    The default aging time is seconds, however if need arises you can change the same by giving the command - 'mac address-table aging time number vlan vlan-id'. Regards, AbhisheK Please rate all helpful posts!!! Mac address table to vm name mapping. Is there a command that will show the mac address table to vm name mapping from the fabric interconnect or the nexus 1k?

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    I was always able to open. Plz do reply at the earliest. Dhcpcd and fix ip. Payment block in credit memos. Hello , Some accounting document which relates to Credit memo invoices are having payment block A. In master data there is no payment block maintained. Thanks for your time, John hi john, the show mac-address-table command should be valid.


    Show mac-address-table Given the command show mac-address-table from the privilege exec mode in a cat , the output shows some i think 4 mac-address tha are system. Mac address table on a PIX What am i missing? HTH Can't clear mac address table from interface hello all. Maximum MAC address table size Hello guys. Mac address table to vm name mapping Is there a command that will show the mac address table to vm name mapping from the fabric interconnect or the nexus 1k? Payment block in credit memos Hello , Some accounting document which relates to Credit memo invoices are having payment block A.