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Studios in Burbank, Calif. While tracks like "Bleed to Love Her" and "My Little Demon" were standouts during the sessions, neither got much of a look once the album was released. Instead, fans gravitated toward the newly stripped-down versions of past favorites like "Landslide," and "Silver Springs," both of which spent a fair number of weeks on the Adult Contemporary chart. The Dance was the first new album from this five-piece edition since 's Tango in the Night a full decade earlier.

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Just prior to the return of all three singers, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood attempted to continue unsuccessfully with several new additions. But the success of The Dance — which catapulted to No.

Fleetwood Mac - The Dance (DVD, 1997)

The album would go on to become the fifth best-selling live album of all time in the U. As for the MTV special, it was also a rousing success.

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Fans were able to latch back onto such favorites as "The Chain," "Dreams," "Rihannon," "You Make Lovin' Fun" and "Don't Stop," and there was an added bonus as the modern-day USC marching band followed in the footsteps of their predecessors by playing "Tusk" with Fleetwood Mac on the recording. They also stuck around for "Don't Stop. Those who eventually purchased the DVD were able to see a fuller version of the actual performance, which also showed off the skills of the various members.

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Dolby Digital. Where did I park the Delorean? I could swear it's but I appear to have "landed" back in the 90's:ugham:. Clint Eastwood said:.

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JonUrban said:. It was a request.

Fleetwood mac the dance dvd download

Joined Jan 9, Messages 9, Reaction score 15, Points I'm hoping that "request" was from Marshall. This was the DVD that I heard at a friend's house in that turned me on to discrete surround sound. I had been familiar with synthesized Dobly surround, but I had no clue that engineers were actually mixing for more than two speakers.

Fleetwood Mac - Silver Springs (Official Music Video)

I distinctly heard acoustic guitars coming from the speakers behind me. I got up and stuck my ear next to one of the surrounds and my life or my wallet hasn't been the same since.

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All that being said, I'm not crazy about this disc. The fidelity is wonderful, and the performances of "Big Love" and "Landslide" are worth the price of admission, but two specific things drive me crazy: 1. I understand an artist taking liberties with their own work, but Stevie drives me nuts. It's as if she's never listened to the original recording and never intended to sing anything the same way twice.

I wish these classic bands - particularly Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles - would have taken to the road like they did back in the day: Just the five of them.

Download Fleetwood Mac - The Dance (1997) DVD

Having half a dozen or so hired guns helping out on stage sure makes it sound good, but in my opinion it loses some mystique. Oh, and by the way: McCartney's only had five on stage since Linda passed away, and he seems to do just fine. Enough of my ranting On with your regularly scheduled polling! I'll have to revisit it in the next few days I'm holding it in my hand right now and of those 22 songs I would say there is only one that I don't care much for My Little Demon I kept hoping it would become a blu ray concert for a decade Joined Jul 28, Messages Reaction score 58 Points This one is so old I have it on a double sided DVD!

Stereo on one side, DD on the other I had that fantasy for years Perhaps Marshall requested the poll to determine its 'potential' interest as a 5. Is there a lot of banter in between cuts, Clint, or is it mostly music? Where is everybody getting Marshall from? Jon and the other mods get recommendations for polls from QQ members ALL of the time for the specific interest of expressing our opinion and voting on a title that is near and dear to our hearts.

That's really all there is to it. I needed to say that before this got way out of hand…. Relax guys Marshall has never mentioned this title to me - ever.