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It also lets you switch virtual desktops on one monitor without switching on the other. If you want to move an application from one display to another, you need to use the mouse.

Make Sure Monitors Have Their Own Spaces

Read More , today does so much more than that. With this app installed you can set up your own keyboard shortcuts for moving windows from one monitor to another:.

[SOLVED] wallpaper won't change automatically on the second montior - Apple Forum - Spiceworks

Read More. Is two monitors already not enough for you?

How to make Dual Monitor backgrounds (MAC)

It's called Duet. Read More using Duet.

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As A Second Monitor [iOS] Productivity pros swear by multiple monitors, but we don't all have the luxury of carrying around huge screens and endless wallets. On the other hand, the iPad has become pretty ubiquitous, and it can really Read More , but this seems to be the best reviewed one out there.

This app lets you split any image into appropriately-sized chunks for your displays. Skip to main content. Tips You can see the resolution options for monitors connected to your Mac, which can help you to select wallpaper images.

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By default, your Mac will automatically select the best resolution for your display. Click a resolution setting to set it for the monitor. You can quickly see the dimensions of an image you are considering for use as your wallpaper. You can then use Preview to crop the image if you would like to change its dimensions to better fit your monitor when used as wallpaper. In order to find the resolution of your displays, you will want to click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your computer.

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The MacBook display resolution and any monitor resolutions will show up here. There are a number of great online resources to help you find the perfect image, so take some time and have fun browsing the Internet for the most epic photos to show off on your screens. One site we like, wallpaperfusion. Digital Trends also compiled a great list of their favorite dual display wallpapers, ranging from natural to surreal.