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Say we have two people bidding on an item, John and Jane.

How to Win bids on Ebay Every Time

They could be watching the auction at the very same time and upping their bids accordingly. All being done manually. Now that is called nibbling, we talked about it in the previous section above. What about proxy bidding then? Rather than watching the auction and responding manually to competing bids, eBay actually allows you to set a maximum bid from the very beginning.

So what happens now? No, not at all. She could be sleeping or at work while the system continues bidding for her using predefined rules her maximum bid.

This also prevents her from getting emotional and bidding more than she's willing to pay for the item during a heated bidding war. This is because people will keep getting instantly outbid by your proxy and that may encourage and fuel bidding wars as the item gets more attention, quickly driving the bid up.

This disadvantage is similar to the Bid Nibbling one. The theory here is that by placing a quick late bid seconds before the auction ends, you make it nearly impossible for other bidders to react to your bid, hence winning the auction. But wait, how would anyone else outbid you 3 seconds before the auction ends? You can use Link Whisper to:. Build better internal links with Link Whisper. A proxy. Recall when I said eBay strives to keep things fair?

Well, they had originally set a higher maximum bid than your own bid and were using proxy bidding, so when you placed your bid, the system instantly reacted and drove the bid up to outbid you, allowing them to claim the auction. So even though you placed what you thought was the highest bid seconds before the auction ended, the system reacted and allowed someone else to win because they had a higher maximum bid. Recall when we said eBay wants the highest bidder to win, regardless of the time they placed their bid?

So then what? Additionally, automated sniping services offer a few other advantages:. The short answer is yes, both sniping manually and sniping using automated software is allowed on eBay.


These are two mutually exclusive events, and hence it makes sense for a seller to hate sniping as it may hinder the seller from achieving their goal. Beating them is as simple as bidding higher than them, at any point during the auction. Here I discuss:. Click here to learn how to start your own income generating niche site.

Start your own niche site today. There are basically two ways to snipe, either manually or using sniping software or services. It might seem like the obvious choice will always be the automated services, however, these services need your eBay username and password to operate correctly.

There are many sniping services out there, the majority of them are inexpensive. When choosing a sniping service, the top things you want to look for are reputation, reliability, features, and cost. Most services are pretty close when it comes to features. Price can be a big deal too.

Best eBay snipe program for Mac?

But the good news is that there are some great services that don't cost you anything at all. The snipers listed above are powerful, reliable, and trustworthy and I don't get anything for recommending them. These services work as a sort of freemium model. Their free plan is more than enough for the majority of users.


Anyway, I still give this a good rating. I kind of liked the previous look before the recent upgrade, though I was expecting a flawless process given the universal 5-star reviews. Frankly, if I was not verified beforehand, the Baytomat software should not have confirmed that my auction bids were successfully set up and ready to go. Deeply disappointing. I have had better success from desktop based apps without such teething problems. I suggest new users test out the app on an unimportant auction beforehand.

Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad.

Best eBay Sniper: The Top 10 + Our Recommendation

Description Ever wondered why you are always outbid at last minute at eBay? Jul 1, Version 6. Size Category Shopping.

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Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Price Free. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.