Numpad on mac keyboard not working

Dan danj. Self employed contract worker. Sorry to say the keyboard is part of this assembly. While some people have managed to get from China directly just the keyboard sub-assembly it is a bear to replace as you'll need to remove about 50 screws or snap rivets. Dear sir thank you very much for your kind answer.

My macbook model is 13" late The Num keys stopped working at the first time but after restart it use to work then again stopped for the couple of the times. But now it is permanently stopped working. Sorry to say I think the keyboard is damaged here.

It's just easier replacing the full upper case. As a last ditch effort, I would recommend reinstalling the OS before replacing any hardware.

Mac refusing to recognise your external keyboard?

Please back up your information before reinstalling the OS. The fact that it worked sometimes makes me think it might be a software issue. Happy to here your number keys are working again! Did you swap out the top case or were you able to get a replacement keyboard and just replace it?

Check Your Settings

Show 2 more comments. First hook up an external keyboard and see if the number keys work on it to eliminate a software issue. If the keys work on the external, your keyboard sounds like it has shorted out and you will need an uppercase replacement. Thank you for your answer, the external key board works fine. Can you pls tell me in detail what is uppercase replacement? Best to create your own question here with all of your systems details as well as what happened. Sadly, it may require replacing a part or two.

It is not near enough to the arrow keys to easily do those combinations with one hand so it requires taking both hands off of normal keyboard locations. So I doubt that's what they mean. Surely they must have some keyboard shortcut layout in mind for Mac users.

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad on Windows-7 - Ask Different

So I will hope that someone from Dorico support will reply to my inquiry here. Thanks again for trying to help figure this out. Until it's figured out I will be stuck with having to use menu commands and clicking on stuff that requires sliding panels in and out instead of being able to use simple keyboard shortcuts. Last edited by laurie on Wed Feb 01, am, edited 1 time in total. They are referring to the numlock key, which is an on-or-off state, like caps lock. However, you might try hitting the 'clear' key on your keyboard and see if those shortcuts work in Dorico then.

Do a search for numlock mac keyboard, and you'll find more info. It didn't do any of what the "num" key is supposed to do. And also it isn't near the cursor or other keys that "num" is supposed to be used in combination with. Didn't they have any Mac beta testers??? This seems like a pretty basic level of feedback: Mac keyboard shortcuts should only use keys that are on Macintosh keyboards. Maybe the part you're not getting is that the numlock key is not a key modifier, but an on or off switch, so it's irrelevant where it's located.

It is, nonetheless, located in the same place as the Clear key on a mac extended keyboard. Last edited by Rob Tuley on Wed Feb 01, am, edited 1 time in total.

Cure for the non-working number pad

But that was some time ago. It would be even more awkward a stretch if that works. Did not want to bother him but I guess I better ask him what key he uses. The arrow keys are a separate area of the keyboard. The Mac has a pair of modifier keys named "command". I don't know what the Windows keyb's equivalent is though it has one. They are located next to each end of the spacebar. The num keypad has an "enter" key and it functions the same as the carriage return key.

I didn't make a typo. That was "cut and paste" from the Dorico Mac keyb shortcuts on my Mac's screen, The "enter' key wasn't used in any of those shortcuts. Those arrows would represent cursor keys. Where would I find? Dorico Elements 2. It should actually be written "any note key"" a, b, c, d, e, f, g [edit] I just realized this was a joke OS X Screen Shot 3.

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Every function with a Num shortcut also has another one. It's not clear why: I suspect it may relate to something on Windows keyboards. Dorico uses the cross-platform Qt application framework, which provides all manner of platform abstractions that allow us to write code once and use it on both Windows and macOS, which for a small team like ours is incredibly helpful in making sure that we can focus on adding useful functionality to the software, rather than working on platform support.

One of those abstractions is in keyboard handling, which means that Qt has a platform-independent means of describing keyboard shortcuts. On Mac, there's no Num Lock key: the keypad is always treated as if there were a Num Lock key, and it is switched on.