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No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Verified Purchase. The game looks fun, but I can't get it to run on windows It will install fine but there's no shortcut or any way to play it. Don't waste your money.

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I lost my old AOE discs, so I bought this again. Tried compatibility modes and nothing works.

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Well, just before I decided to send this back, I looked at YouTube for my problem and the solution was there. Installed now and working well. It involved control panel, programs and features and Legacy components.

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I'm cleary being ripped off every single time. I already have an account, I just wanted a new one. It automatically links it to my current one every single time, no matter what I do to go about it. I have even went as far as completely wiping my PC, downloading the game and making a new one that way so their was no history of my original account ever being used, and even still, it wouldnt work. If you already own this game and wish to make a new name If you have never had an account and want to play this game, then this is great. I love the game, have been playing it for 6 years, its awesome, never gets old, and you can easily lose track of time playing it.

It is a realistic online and offline strategy game. I like to play online better, because I'm good at it, but if you are new to it, definitely play the campaign first and the skirmish mode with the PC first and learn. Theres also great youtube turtorials that can teach you different strategies to use and with any nation you wish to learn, as well as a huge online AoE3 community to tap into.

You can also go to twitch and watch other players playing this game. That might actually give you the best idea on whether or not if this is your cup of tea. Definitely look into it.

How to download and install Age of Empires 3 + Asian Dinasteas + Warchiefs

Got the game and was able to install it very easily. I did however have the same issues as many others. Can't get it to work. When I try to open any of them it is asking for an application to use. Any tips? Some of the civilizations have most of the home city cards missing.

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The ottomans only have four or five cards available, for example. It's not a huge inconvenience but it would be cool if this could be fixed somehow. Edit: This issue actually seems to be caused by attempting to install the war chiefs. When I tried, the install failed and most of the home city cards in the base game were deleted for all civs. A clean install of the base game fixed the issue. When I try installing only the.

But then when I try updating to War Chiefs a message comes up saying there was an error in installation and does not work. This game will work on an intel Mac.

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You don't need a PowerPC to play this. There seems to be a slight problem with loading a saved game. Everytime I try, the game crashes. I've tried upping performance, but that doesn't help and anyway it runs very smoothly even without lowering texture quality etc. Any suggestions?

To the best of our knowledge, these titles have been discontinued by their publishers. If you know otherwise, please contact us and we will remove them accordingly. Please Login or Register. All the balance and map changes have been ported over letting Mac users play on the same patch top ESO players are using.

To use the patch, just download and install. Age Sanctuary, TKDdans, or iCourt, will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur using this patch. You can move it back to wherever you want, after the installation is complete. I might have had one of the first downloads at Age Sanctuary, then came the converting process Overall though, I had it within hours after it's release, so pretty quick I'd say.

That's why their were a lot of problems with 1. Most people managed to fix the issue with unorthodox methods, but they will not work with this patch.

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If you had FP 1. If you are a 1. This might be caused by an older copy of 1.