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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition. Removed villages.

How to find Minecraft save files your Mac

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My request for recommendations was closed as off-topic. Where can I ask for…. Linked 1. Related 4. Hot Network Questions. Question feed. Method 4: Profile options in the launcher Note that this method will only work for Minecraft: Java Edition installations.

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Start the Minecraft launcher. Do not click play. This method uses the launcher window. At the top of the splash screen click Launch Options. Select a profile or create a new one. Click the green arrow icon next to the Game Directory box. Minecraft folder structure Crash Reports Crash reports are used to find a cause for a crash as well as providing details on which mods are or are not working. If you do not see this folder then you most likely, have not had a crash yet. Logs Log files are a record of everything that has happened during loading of the mod-pack as well as tracking all activity in-game.

They can be used to locate a specific time , location and cause of crashes and other problems.

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Within the Minecraft root directory , they are found in a folder called logs. Scroll down the list of logs and find latest to obtain the most recent information.

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Single-Player Saves Saves contain all information about a world and dimensions in a game. Within the Minecraft root directory , they are found in a folder called saves. This folder does not exist on a server. If you want to find similar information on a server use the world folder as detailed below. World Files World folders contain all the information about a world both on single-Player and servers. On single-player they can be found by first opening the saves folder. The world folders on single-player and servers will have the same name as the world that you created.

Mods and Config Files Mods for Minecraft create two folders within the root directory. The configs will always have names that relate to or match the appropriate mods.

This can make them easier to find On occassion a mod will create a folder in configs rather than a single file. These can be accessed and adjusted in the same way as the standard config files. Troubleshooting The biggest issue that you may come across when trying to find your Minecraft folders occurs when a custom installation path was chosen.

In this case, Method 3: The Resource Folder is still effective at finding your folders for you. If you have experienced a crash but no crash reports have generated then the issue may be related to Forge, JAVA or the launcher itself.