Mac idisk error code 5016

Or is there another workaround? You may move back to iWork ' It's surprising but this set of application behave correctly under Lion, at least during the tests which I made. One more time, may you try to run the app in an other user account? It would tell us if the behavior is a global feature on your machine or if it is dedicated to your user account. I spent too much time in Lion today. Good bye, See you tomorrow. I use Adobe as a reader for documents that are studied weekly. I was able to study, close file, and when needed, open the file and everything studied was there.

I recently got a Samsung galaxy note 4 and wanted it and my tab to share the same info.

What causes mac idisk error code 5016 error?

However my best option was acrobat. For the last month and a half, perhaps two, my documents multiply if that makes any sense. And things I study are no longer studied, which is proving to b a huge disservice. So, they say strike three and ur out and fool me twice shame on me. Thanks, Adobe Reader Team. This error is occurring frequently, to the point of extreme frustration. I keep a plain text file open all day at work and use it to keep track of minor things like calls and notes.

Routinely, when I go to save this file, it reports the error message in my title. Originally, I thought that it might be Dropbox doing it since the file was in Dropbox. So, I moved it to my desktop and set up a cron to copy that desktop file into Dropbox every 60 seconds. In other words, Dropbox should have absolutely no bearing on the desktop file.

Still, the error persists. So, when this happens, I copy the file's text to my clipboard, quit TextEdit without saving, then restart TextEdit, paste the text back in, and save. Between 30 seconds and 30 minutes later, I have the same issue again. I have to do this more times a day than I can count. Any help would be greatly appreciated. GSLibraryErrorDomain error 1. In Keynote and Numbers, I often informed that 'The document xxx could not be saved. The file has been changed by another application. Indeed, I started the document at home and edited it at another location where I connected to a different Wi-Fi network.

Reading system. Some examples of the errors from system. Any advice, comments, or suggestions that you might have would be appreciated! Hi Tony, That's been reported here before, and it's happened to me. Maybe not exactly those words, but something similar, at least. I've always ignored the warning and have had no ill effects to date, that I am aware of. Nor have I ever figured out what the message may have been caused by. Just wanted to get the word out on a critical flaw with the current implementation of autosave and versions in Lion.

While autosave is supposed to create a backup version before it saves your document, there are certain file systems that do not support it. Because of this, Lion is supposed to alert the user that changes will be overwritten and versioning is not supported on non-journaled file systems.

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Unfortunately there is a bug in this which can be replicated using the steps below. Create a text document or photo on this volume. Open the document and make a change textedit or preview. Close the document. Note the document is auto saved and no warning is provided. Open the document and note that your changes were auto saved for you.

Attempts to recover a previous version are will fail as FAT32 does not support versions. I have reported this to Apple and received the following response acknowledging the bug: "I did hear from Engineering today. They said they were able to reproduce the issue and will report it so that the OS may be improved in the future. Unfortunately there is not a way to turn off AutoSave. Not that this would help for the accidental closing after making changes, but they said that one would need to chose Revert to Save prior to closing the window in order to not save the changes.

Thank you for reporting this and I hope we can fix that soon, and I apologize that there is not a workaround at this time. I am testing other scenarios, at this point I do not fully trust that auto saved documents will be recoverable via versions as other bugs could exist.

Emde, it's quite refreshing to see a quote like that published on an open forum. Keep up the good work! You're lucky that you're not a developer. When Apple admits stuff like that to developers, we can't tell anyone about it because we're bound by a non-disclosure clause. Specs: iMac I tried restart my iMac and when I was logged back in, my dock preferences were reset. Also tried to download some security software to check my Mac for malware, but when I did, I tried several, I got a notification that said something like 'dumpfiles don't know if this is the right translation I'm taking screenshots from all the weird notifications I get and even three quarters off the screenshots I took in the last three hours are already unreadable.

It started this morning when I tried opening a Premiere Pro file on which I worked the night before. When I tried opening it, it said the file was damaged and could not be openend. I tried opening it with AE or importing the file in a new project but nothing helped. When I tried looking for autosaves, this is the really weird part, there were none. Even though there are autosaves from my other projects, this one was completely gone. It looked like the day before never happened on my computer. Also when I openend Premiere all the recent projects had been wiped.

So at first I thought it was a Premiere Pro failure. But than, later on the day, I tried loading some RAW files from my compact flash card.

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This is where I would get an error error which said some data cannot be read or written. I tried importing the files with a view different technics, from dragging to importing via Lightroom and I succeeded with Image Browser. But when I tried moving the files to an other folder the same error occurred. While dealing with this issue I wanted to put on some soothing music on youtube. This is when the next weird thing occurred: youtube wasn't completely loading in Chrome.

iDisk connection error code 5016 : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

I refreshed a view times, checked the internet connection and still no difference. When I tried in Safari it did work but when I clicked enter on the searchbar in Youtube, a page with sexadds appeared I didn't install AdBlock in Safari I read about this 'phishing' where you are redirected to a site were a possible malware installment can take place I don't know if it's connected to any of the problems I've been having but I just never experienced this on a mac, I have been a Mac user for 10 years now.

On top of it all, internet started working worse and worse and now it's not even working at all. I had to fill in the password over and over, normally it remembers. Just like my system preferences, all the preferences I had with Chrome where also reset. Type your password to allow. To me this is all very weird and suspicious.

I have clearly no idea what's going on.

Could this be another sort of trojan horse or malware? Some background info which could be helpful for solving this mystery: two months ago the one year old Fusion Drive in my iMac just broke out of nowhere. I got it replaced by a qualified apple repair store. When I got my computer back, all the files where gone.

I got on the internet without AdBlock installed yet. A game or whatever it was, can't clearly remember, got installed by accident. I deleted it immediately. Only two weeks later, I couldn't log in to my account. It didn't recognize my password and username. So I brought my mac back to the store. Here the repair guy said it was a minor thing and he just needed to reconnect my account. He also mentioned he found a downloaded game name Sparta and it probably had something to do with the error.

I asked him; could it be a virus? He replied no way. I don't know why I couldn't be a virus, just because it's a mac doesn't mean it cannot be done. So today I tried installing anti virus software such as avast- was in a weird language looked like slovenian, clamxav - was in slovenian but I couldn't install them. I don't know what to do anymore, I work fulltime and I need my computer, I have no time to bring it in for repair, are there other perhaps easier ways?

Could this be the work of a virus or a malware?

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Or is it a disk permissions issue? It sounds like you may have multiple problems, but none of them are likely to be caused by malware. First, the internet-related issues may be related to adware or a network compromise. I tend to lean more towards the latter, based on your description of the problem. See my Adware Removal Guide for help finding and removing it. Note that you mention AdBlock as if it should have prevented this, but it's important to understand that ad blockers do not protect you against adware in any way.

Neither would any kind of anti-virus software, which often doesn't detect adware. As for the other issues, it sounds like you've got some serious corruption. I would be inclined to say it sounds like a failing drive, except it sounds like you just got it replaced. How did you get all your files back after the new drive was installed? Fair disclosure: I may receive compensation from links to my sites, TheSafeMac. Donations are not required to use my site or software. Hi, while traveling without an internet connection I workd on a TextEdit file which was probably saved in the background automatically as a temp recovery file I think though that I may have backedup my system with Time Machine before losing the file altogether.

Could a background recovery version of it be in a folder accessible through Time Machine? By a background saved recovery file I mean the temp TextEdit file which in the event of a crash or system restart would allow the file to be recovered. It's been bought in france because of the need of an "azerty", i live in germany - i write here in english for the sake of getting as much possible readers and increase my chance of answers..

None of the 2 returns to apple store or official repair stores have fixed them. It seems to be "software issues", so they say.. The problem is, no one is helping to help me fix them : after a little while of speudo improvement, the issues came right back.. The last repair try was shortly before the end of 1 year apple warranty.. Anyhow, here are the problems : computer is generally pretty slow shockwave crashes on Google Chrome although there is no double with flash player in the plug ins - i checked Pages on ANY browser take sometimes up to 40 sec to load using safari and chrome, rarely firefox As soon as not ON a tab left open on browser, the page is first completely WHITE takes up to 30sec for content to appear Safari "forces the refreshment of all page and tabs open" at least once, sometimes 5 times a day Computer freezes sometimes completely..

Rainbow ball spinning became my best worst friend.. Even Force-Quitting programs can take 2 to 4 min until the force quit window appears Computer generates aliases or copies? Note : i mostly only have those programs open at the same time : safari, chrome, itunes, text edit, and sometimes on top : iphoto, preview - So, nothing crazy here, for a machine that is kind of new Fact is, knowing alone does not solve the problems If anyone could help, on any of those issues, please, come forward!!!

What happens is that out of the blue, TextEdit shows an error messages on ANY docs that i try to open, it says i don't have the autorization and tells me to go to "information" and change the autorizations. Fact is, this is happening on ANY docs that i have, and changing something in the "information" window doesn't change anything at all.

The only thing that "helps", is to shut the computer down completely and restart.. But the issue reappears every second day Sometimes this pdf issue happens without the autorization issue ; but when i have the autorization issue, i seem to always have the pdf making issue. Also, texedit sometimes does not allow me anymore to save a new doc.. It might open the window to do so, i might be able to name the doc and click on "save", but the doc appears nowhere and still show "no title" on the open doc itself.. Help anyone? I'd be eeeeendlessly grateful..

I haven't been able to open either Textedit or Preview since I updated my mac to I've tried all sorts of things--repairing permissions, dabbling with symlinks, deleting the container subfolders for Textedit and Preview but so far nothing has worked. TextEdit 1. AppKit 6. PerformanceAnalysis 1.

DesktopServices 1. LangAnalysis 1. CoreImage 7. CoreText Otherwise leave it blank. If you do not care about testing the end result, this can be blank. Changes to auto. Its use prevents prematurely pulling in libraries that will be added later anyhow e. Update symbols and return. If we shouldn't send a body, return non-zero. Non-whitespace control characters are errors. The state transition table takes the current state and the current symbol, and returns either a new state or an action.

An action is represented as a negative number. When outputing JSON, its string representation is "null" without the quotes. Returns NULL on allocation error.

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Returns NULL on error out of memory. If v is a container type object or array its children are also freed recursively. If v is NULL, this is a no-op. An error results in process abort. First is 1. The current connection is not encrypted across the entire route between your browser and the server.

Please contact your sysadmin. If unknown, The recommended usage here is to use the Sysinternals junction tool to create a hard link between an "openssl If this points to the Tcl install directory, this directory must have "include" and "lib" sub-directories. Return 0 if no quoting is required.

It passes the SQL in the second argument directly to If it is not, then open it. In that case, QuadPart - epochIntervals. Return the result. Remove it from the list and free the object.