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Possibly related are crashes when saving state. These crashes seems to happen after the save completes because I can load it successfully later. In this case, I had another issue that caused me to reset my vbam. The problem here is that I still have the old vbam.

So, apparently I don't have this problem anymore, but I have no idea what made it go away, and thus have no useful advice for other people who might experience it. I'm seeing the same behavior - inconsistent crashes to desktop on save file loading. I also see the same problem with saves. Upon regenerating the ini file, the first time I loaded a save state, the emulator crashed. Upon reopening, it no longer crashes. Apparently there's an issue with the current save code in that it incorrectly determines the flash size for some ROMs, this is known to be a bug with normal saves, but it may be affecting state saves as well.

I'm not sure whether it's related to this issue at all, but since it involves broken save states I'm going to assume so. My save states load just fine, problem is they seem to consist of glitchy garbage that makes Sinclair Spectrum loading screens sound like an opera.

How to save Visual Boy Advance (VBA) on mac!

Towards the end of the video you can see how it claims to load the glitched states but instead of sending Celes back to the desk she keeps walking around the room like nothing happened. The two "intact" save states were created with the latest Sourceforge release of VBA-M - any save states created with it can be loaded without problems with the GitHub version.

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The Sourceforge version crashes at random upon saving, randomly upon loading or just at random though. I've tried at least the following and probably a bunch of other stuff I can't recall off the top of my head:. The cause of the crash is an uninitialized value. I ran the emulator within valgrind and I have an exact place where this occur. The behavior depends on what memory junk happens to be at the uninitied location I feel what could be happening to the.

Open/Find battery file (.sav) from vba express with vba-m

While not a GBA test, I noticed from 3 separate states from Pokemon Yellow, no matter the recorded size, size on disk was 8, The state saved on the title screen is 5,, Checking my save info and going back, it went up to 6, As mentioned by kvaak though, when I saved after loading into Cerulean City, it matched 8, and would just freeze if you tried to load it. The state saved as an 8, file, 8 bytes from the error size. When loading in VBA-M, it runs, but all the sprite layer entities were just black and white.

Also compared file size for GBA. I feel the very bad glitches in terms of visuals and sound could be it's trying to find data on a file 6. I don't know if helps. I turn off sound in game options, after 8 times trying save state and reload a importante mission. Works for me. Switching to SDL worked like a charm to me! I had the same problem all problematic save files were exactly Bytes 8KB big while smaller ones always seemed to load properly and since I set my audio device to SDL and recorded a new save state because loading the old one resulted in even heavier crashes the save file loading function seems much more stable.

Before it often crashed when trying to load save states quite quickly again and again or when certain variables in games were messed with in a way that is no problem for real hardware. Maybe the default option should be set to SDL for future releases until this behaviour has been adressed?

Can somebody please help. This glitch has been around for ages and it's making playing borderline unplayable having to force close the emulator every time I want to load a state, then having to roll the dice and hope it doesn't crash next time I load it.

Save error fix without having to start all over! hints and tips for Pokemon FireRed

The save file works fine, it can just take several times to load, several crashes. The verbose mode sometimes gives me. Photon89 do you mind adding a save state that run into this issue? I am trying to debug this, but failing to do so. I tried the pokemon games original , but also could not get this. Which FE game did you try?

pokemon series - Visual Boy Advance Unknown File Type Error on OSX for Mac - Arqade

If you don't mind, add you vbam. I am suspicious about the cause, but can't properly confirm.

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It is just called "Fire Emblem", from Please find the two files attached. Photon89 looks like a language issue, based on the config file included Anyways lemme see if i find something using your state file Anyways cant replicate in on Linux. It failed for me on Linux. I tried 3 times before the bug appeared. I just use his vbam. I think I know where the issue is, although it is quite weird that you can't reproduce it.

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Also I am using the master branch build. ASA is pointing to panel. I believe it can't be just that, since the behaviour for breaking or not as the error messages is all over the places. I run into this after 3 times on my first reply, but now had to try Got 2 different error messages while doing so double free vs realloc fail.

You are reporting ASAN issues, that should take a separate thread. This may or may not be the cause here. Photon89 Thank you for all the extra info. We will try to solve this now. This spawned several variants so we will try to list as many as we can here. Gameboy Emulation. Thread starter akshay; Can't save properly in Visual Boy Advance.? Visual Boy Advance has a variety of other features including ability to support battery saves and save states each of which have a handy folder Visual Boy Advance 1.

Fix error : narrowing conversion 4 weeks ago 8a1fd — libretro: Add header guard to UtilRetro. Visual Boy Advance Tutorial. To capture a save state go When I save, there's an error message saying "Error creating file Battery You may need to do the same for the 'Visual Boy Advance Save error fix without having to start all FireRed on Gameboy Advance. It provides a common representation of the project state,

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