Mac bluetooth keyboard keeps disconnecting

But nothing worked. Restarting the bluetooth on the computer seem to have magically solved it. Some USB 3 devices, hard drives in particular, can generate radio frequency interference that can cause Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices operating in the 2. Do not place hard drives or other USB devices behind the rear of your Mac near at the hinge of your screen. The antennas for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are located there, and USB 3 devices placed there may interfere with your wireless connections.

See this white paper for more information. Conclusion from the white paper: The noise generated due to the USB 3. The noise is a broadband noise that cannot be filtered out, since it falls within the band of operation of the wireless device 2. The noise degrades the signal-to-noise ratio that the wireless receiver sees and limits its sensitivity. This then reduces the operating wireless range of the device.

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Improving the shielding on the USB 3. In addition, shielding of the USB 3. This is particularly critical for peripheral devices that are placed close to the PC platform, such as a flash drive. Placement of the wireless antenna should also be carefully considered on a platform and be located as far away as possible from a USB 3.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated! Hold down option key before clicking on bluetooth menu, highlight the bold connected paired? I get dBm. Hi The sollution is to stop and start AirDrop sharing in the Finder. This is all. This has worked for me every time…good luck! I am using a generic brand wireless keyboard, so perhaps some of the options do not work for me for example, I get no data for battery level or monitor connection.

However, the batteries are fresh and I live in a rural area so not sure what other connections could be interfering? As a last resort, I have tried putting a piece of tin foil in the battery compartment in case loose batteries is the culprit — a tip I found from another forum.

How to Fix Magic Mouse Disconnect Problems on Mac?

I doubt it will work but who knows? This worked for me. Thank you, finally something that works. Also, update OS X, there were bugs with OS X Yosemite that caused all sorts of messes with wi-fi and bluetooth that existed basically until OMG, I have been searching for an answer to this problem for over an hour and this was it, buried on this board. It should be the first thing that comes up in a google search! I have the same issue, but my Mac is connected with ethernet in my office, so WiFi is never on.

I have a Mac Mini, Mac mouse and Mac keyboard. Clearly an Apple issue. Has anyone found a solution for this? The 2. Before transmitting, the sender will listen if the frequency is used, and skip to the next if this is the case. Likewise the receiver will listen at one frequency and if nothing comes here, jump to the next.

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Because of this jumping around, you can have hundreds of BT devices lying around, and all can be used without interference — you can have 50 people in your living room with headsets on, and still play music on your BT speakers at around it stops. If you have good neighbours, you can get this working day out and in — it is simple and robust. But within the same room and 14 channels, CDMA does not support more than and certainly cannot be used for streaming, you can support in the best case 30 devices in an area of feet, all adjacent rooms and houses and buildings included.

This is good training for peace negotiators. The 5GHz band is used by Microwave ovens and WLAN radiation and will not go through dense material such as glass — but pass paper and wooden walls. All I can say is that with OS X Since OS X Sometimes disconnecting a USB-device helps, but not always. The only thing that consistently helps is fully restarting the Mac. So — only Apple products are involved, and it worked fine before with Mavericks.

The only conclusion is that Apple messed things up with Yosemite. You are their perfect customer. Name required.

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How to Fix Randomly Disconnecting Bluetooth Keyboards and Devices

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USB device Keeps Disconnecting and reconecting fix (Windows 10)

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BradMacPro says:. November 19, at pm. June 19, at am. Aart says:. Any help would be appreciated. Graham 2, 6 6 gold badges 21 21 silver badges 32 32 bronze badges. I have a similar problem: askubuntu. Ive since switched back to mouse with a tail. Marcel D. Juhnke Marcel D. Juhnke 61 1 1 silver badge 1 1 bronze badge. Please also note Before all of that, I also updated bluez from 5. Travis Travis 88 1 1 silver badge 11 11 bronze badges. Please do not repost the same answer to multiple questions. If the questions are all similar enough to each other, please flag those questions as duplicates of this one, but please don't repost the same answer to many questions.

Ok, sorry, I did not knew that, I am pretty new. But to be fair, the problem is resolvable by the same procedure. Thank you for posting this answer! Can confirm this helped me with exactly same issue with my M The key thing seems to be to reboot after trusting the mouses mac, if I suspended the laptop before rebooting the mouse would still not reconnect, but after rebooting where-ever bluez persists that trust setting seemed to have been done. Same problem here - fixed as described below: Ubuntu Could also reproduce behaviour with manually disconnecting mouse in "bluetoothctl".

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