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How to Identify a Song Playing on a Mac with Siri

I can organize my music into crates in SSL-no need to use itunes there. On a PC I could just edit my files directly without any programs-no need for itunes there. I don't use my computer for personal listening purposes-I have a home stereo for that-so no need for itunes there. I'm not a computer person. So maybe I'm just ignorant to these things, so please shed some light as to how itunes can improve my digital DJing life. LoKey PM - 20 November, Let me give yall a breakdown of my process: When I download songs, they all go into a folder on my desktop called 'temp.

Editing my music files info on a Mac w/o itunes | cugitigazisu.cf

I like uniformity in my files which is why I'm so concerned with this issue. Then I highlight all the files in the temp folder and drag them all into my external HD into the main 'My Music' folder which is where all my MP3's live. From there I open up SSL and drag each file into the corresponding crate.

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This is my method, I can't think of anything simpler than that and I don't have to use itunes or anything else that gets in the way. LoKey PM - 20 November, Konix, I'm talking about right-clicking on the file, clicking on properties, clicking the summary tab and editing all the info. On a PC. And on the album art Last night took a file from the folder I created to store music. In that folder you can see the album art very small next to the file.

I dragged the file into itunes, clicked on 'get info,' edited all the file info, went to images and deleted the album art. I closed 'get info' and reopened it to make sure the album art was gone and it was. I thought I was good.

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Then I opened the music folder again and the album art was still there! Then I dragged the file back into itunes, opened up 'get info' and sure enough, the album art was back, big and colorful laughing right in my face. Thats what frustrated me the most.

Identify songs and artists playing in the background

I like my files looking like this artist - title. When I rip a file in iTunes, the Mac does it the way that it wants. I don't know how to make it the way that I like it. I'm trying to get used to the Mac. Every Mac owner says that they are so great. The help at the Apple store is terrible. I signed up for "One to One" and the helpers don't have a clue of many of the things that I want and when I say "it is much easier on Windows", they get pissed. I'm trying and I know that I'll get used to the Mac someday.

Konix PM - 20 November, Yes, the artist, album, genre, year, track , etc. As I said, you can't edit that in Mac's Finder. When you're ready to move to the next file, press Command-N for the next track. Press Command-P for the previous track. Much easier. Pretty cool! If you ever feel the need to disable this feature and go back to normal, just run the commands again — but replace YES with NO.

Since the previous method only works with An app called SizzlingKeys does iTunes commands and a whole lot more! Options include how long the popup stays onscreen, when it displays, the text size, and whether it should also show the album cover art. SizzlingKeys also displays the album title, unlike the previous Lion-only method.

This way the iTunes notifications will always be enabled, even after you restart your Mac. Like what you see? Subscribe via RSS , email , or Twitter! I really like this feature and have been using Growl, but this is much more slick and less annoying.

iTunes “now playing” notifications with song title and artist name

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A Look At the New Music App In macOS Catalina

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