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You can also enhance your pictures by wrapping various frames and borders around them. PhotoConvert 4 is an interesting Mac utility designed to ensure a simple and fast image conversion between multiple formats, including RAW ones. The process of converting images in bulk is pretty simple: add your pictures, select your preferred export options and destination folder and export them. With PhotoConvert 4 you can perform other useful operations, such as renaming, resizing or time stamping pictures. The app has also the ability to improve the overall aspect of your images, by automatically adjusting the color level, white balance, highlights, shadows and more.

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Graphic Converter by AppleMacSoft provides support for more than 50 graphic formats. The app is designed to be quite easy to use and to carry out the image conversion process in three simple steps. All you have to do is add your files or folder, choose the destination folder and output format and just click on the Convert button. There are no other editing options available if you wish to further optimize your pictures. Drag it to the left for less quality. Click Save.

It's in the lower-right corner of the "Export" menu. Method 2. Open Photoshop.

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Photoshop is the app that has an icon with a blue square with "Ps" in the middle. Photoshop is available from Adobe with a paid subscription. If you haven't already done so, click here to subscribe to and download Photoshop. A free 7-day trial is available.

Photo Size Optimizer for Mac

Click Open. The "Open" button appears on the start page when you open Photoshop. This opens a file browser you can use to browse and open images on your Mac.

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You can also click the File menu at the top of the screen and click Open in the "File" menu. Select a cr2 file and click Open. Use the "Open" file browser to browse files on your computer. You can browse files and drives on your Mac by clicking them in the sidebar to the right. When you find a cr2 file, click it to select it, and then click Open in the lower-right corner of the File browser menu.

This opens the image in Photoshop.

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This displays the "File" drop-down menu. Click Save As. It's towards the center of the "File" drop-down menu. This opens the "Save As" window. Type a new name for the file optional. If you wish to create a new file name for the image, type it in the box labeled "Save As:" at the top of the window. Click the "Format" drop-down menu. Click the drop-down menu below the list of files next to "Format". This displays a list of file types you can save the image as. Select "JPEG". Format types are listed in alphabetical order in the drop-down menu.

It's in the lower-right corner of the "Save As" window. This displays a separate pop-up for JPEG options.

Convert PNG to JPG or Convert JPG to PNG

Use the slider bar in the JPEG options box to adjust the quality of the image. Drag it all the way to the right for the best quality and all the way to the left for the lowest quality. Click Ok. This saves a copy of the image in JPEG format. Method 3. Use Lossless Photo Squeezer to shrink your files and it just costs you 10 minutes only. It is a useful tool for quickly shrinking an image to post online, rather than having to open Photoshop or other app to edit. At most cases, you can only send up to 10 MB in your email as an attachment. Lossless Photo Squeezer will reduce the photo size per your quality request and send them to your friends within email limits.

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