Can i open a unix executable file on a mac

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However, if you are not in the favour of installing any other software then you can also achieve the same using AppleScript:. Sign up to join this community.

mac open unix executable file

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mac open unix executable file

Viewed 3k times. Casebash Casebash 2, 16 16 gold badges 53 53 silver badges 83 83 bronze badges. Nick Nick 3 3 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges. Platypus will do the job fairly. The strings command outputs code mixed up and every word on its line. The way your question reads though you want man pages, but from what you said about jasonwryan suggests otherwise.

The pattern is the same as for RPM. Warren Young Warren Young Backticks work just as well in as they did in , when they were introduced by the original Bourne shell. But don't yell at people when they use backticks in a perfectly sensible way, as above.

To do otherwise is to make a religious issue out of a technical one. Perhaps "superseded" implies that backticks are deprecated, which they are not.

Unix executable file

In which case the author should edit that. It still remains good info for users to have in It just baldly states the author's opinion that backticks shouldn't be used any more, which you have parroted. The newer style isn't universally better.

How to open .exe files on a Mac

It takes twice as many keystrokes, if you count the Shift. If those extra keystrokes don't buy you anything, I say go ahead and continue to use backticks. When an experienced member told me about it in a comment here, I found it to be a helpful, often preferred, alternative I've used many times since. I'm just paying it forward. Users can make their own decision. Here are a few ways you can get information from executables: file myprogram tells you what kind of file it is, e.

Opening a Unix File with Mac OS X

But it's a convention which the author of the program may or may not have followed, not an obligation. Not all of these are meaningful, because nothing in the file distinguishes meaningful strings from sequences of bytes that coincidentally are printable characters. Warren Young Reply 3 of September 4, AM.

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You navigate with the command 'cd' Change Directory, case sensitive! Reply 4 of Reply 5 of Quote: Originally posted by john.

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Let me make sure I am understanding. Reply 6 of OK, let's be clear, we're talking about a. Because if it's some stuff Apple has created themselves, it's going to be a little different. Reply 7 of I just looked into the file, and it does not seem to be a legit file to me. I would not go any further. Reply 8 of Quote: Originally posted by Gene Clean I just looked into the file, and it does not seem to be a legit file to me. Reply 9 of They're close, but enough is different that it can be confusing to the new user if they get the wrong set of info.

It's exactly what you see in the Finder. I'm sorry you got sent on wild goose chase with that one.

If you look inside it, it's obviously a Carbon executable. More to the point, it is indeed an installer.