Mac os keyboard shortcuts sleep

I have always used the Keychain.

Testing the “Sleep” shortcut

Simple, straightforward and works on any macOS. Is there any difference between locking the screen in Sierra from the Keychain.

So I decided to re-assign the command to something else. Lock Screen or Sleep are two useful possibilities:.

Put Your Mac or Your Monitor to Sleep Instantly with a Keyboard Command

System Preferences 2. All Applications 4. Add the Text exactly: Lock Screen or Sleep in my case 6. I may take a few minutes for the new shortcut to become available. Did you say that it is possible to change the shortcut to activate Screen Lock? I searched in various places in the settings and did not find it. Could you guide me? Thank you. Again, I have to question who at Apple makes these idiotic decisions to put this kind of crap in the newer OSX versions.

The Fastest Way to Lock or Sleep Your Screen in macOS (Mac OS X)

I love my mouse to the hot corner and the screen and computer are locked, end of story. No go to a menu drop down and click anything. Agreed, enabling Filevault should be standard on all Macs — at least if they have an SSD for speed reasons. Keeps your data secured in the event of theft, and makes getting into a Mac via an unauthorized method much more difficult.

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  • 2. Zoom In and Out of Your Display.

Locking the screen just locks the computer screen, requiring a password before it can be accessed or used again. But when locked it keeps the Mac awake with all apps running, internet connectivity enabled for things like mail checking or websites reloading, etc. It uses the normal level of power, the Mac is left powered on as usual, and a quick unlock gets you right back to your computing activities.

Sleeping puts the Mac into a hibernation state where everything is temporarily suspended, and the computer uses less power. All active apps and contents in memory are temporarily placed into a Sleep Image file on the hard drive. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. On the other hand, putting your Mac to sleep will stop all background tasks as it puts the CPU to sleep, so it may not be the ideal option for users who want their Macs to keep working while they grab a coffee or stop for a bathroom break.

Also, it takes longer to wake up from a sleep state than from a display lock state, although on modern Macs with fast SSD storage the time difference between the two sleep options has shrunk considerably. Regardless, having a strong user account password and taking a moment to ensure that your Mac is locked even if you only step away for a few seconds are both crucial steps to protecting your data.

System keyboard shortcuts

Arrow key down to the item you want and press Return to choose it. If an app re-opens with the windows that were open when you last quit it, you can tell it not to re-open the windows.

20 Cool Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know

Works in the Finder, Apple Mail, Preview, etc. Cmd drag icons to rearrange. Cmd drag icon off toolbar to remove. Ctrl-click toolbar and choose Customize for more options. Did I Help You? Control key. Tab key. Return key. Enter key. Eject key. Arrow keys. Double-Click column divider or the resize widget at the bottom of the column divider, depending on your setup.