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Apple Airport Express Vs. Apple Airport Extreme - Overview

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Exclusions apply. Apple TV models used to include a similar port, which was removed in the fourth-generation model. Printer sharing.

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  7. Even quite inexpensive printers now include Wi-Fi networking, allowing a completely cable-free connection. Network-attached storage. Apple shifted to SMB for network filesharing, which makes it easier to work with Windows-compatible servers. Standalone NAS drives have significantly better features and performance, and are available at all sorts of prices, not just for caviar budgets.

    Apple will stop selling its AirPort routers when supplies run out

    Cloud-based storage and sync services reduce the need for network servers. And streaming and on-demand services have replaced some of the purpose for fileservers that mostly held video. Base station to base station networking. I used to tout this feature as a great way to work around obstructions like walls and ceilings, and while the WDS that Apple used to make it work was an industry standard, only Apple seemed to have mastered it.

    But it became less and less reliable over time, even as data rates went up by leaps and bounds. I stopped recommending wireless base station interconnection about four or five years ago, and suggest gigabit ethernet which can require running cable , powerline networking which works through unmodified electrical outlets , or a mesh network explained later that uses a separate radio for connecting base stations. Remote configuration and drive access. Network punchthrough.

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    However, it was barely picked up by any other party. AirPort Utility. Apple has long had a leg up by offering a friendly face for Wi-Fi router configuration, especially compared with the web-based administrative frontends for most other devices. Even as Apple added an iOS version of AirPort Utility, it dropped updates for the Windows flavor, locking users into configuring only from Apple hardware.

    The best Wi-Fi replacements for Apple AirPort routers | Macworld

    In recent years, router makers have improved their web apps or added smartphone configuration apps. Some systems have very little a user needs to configure, obviating access to dozens of settings, too. You can password-protect your speakers so that nobody starts blasting James Blunt out of them without your say-so, and as well as streaming to specific speakers, if you buy multiple AirPort Expresses and link them all into the same network you can check which ones you want to stream to, potentially sending the same audio to every room in your house.

    The jack for speakers is a dual analog and optical output, so it will connect to pretty much everything.

    How to Extend Your Wi-Fi Network With an AirPort Express

    The idea of blanketing your entire house with AirPort Expresses on the same network is entirely feasible, not just because the unit itself is quite cheap, but because multiple devices can be linked together to strengthen and extend the range of your wireless network. Though the Wireless Distribution System WDS used isn't an Apple-specific technology, some reports suggest that sullying a pure Apple network with a PC can be fraught with wireless configuration problems. The Extreme enables more computers to connect wirelessly - 50 rather than 10 - and includes three Ethernet ports so that you can network computers using cables.

    Making hard disks available to other computers on your home network might not be your number one priority, but remember that this lack of disk sharing means that, unlike with the AirPort Extreme, you won't be able to use the AirPort Express to do Time Machine backups to a network disk. The AirPort Utility - which runs on Windows as well as OS X - makes setting up an absolute breeze, and means that no matter whether computers on your network are running Windows or OS X, you can manage or join networks created by an AirPort Express, stream music and share printers - all with consummate ease.

    Aside from this, we continue to be frustrated by Apple's insistence on omitting an ADSL or cable modem from its wireless access points - how much better it would be to have a one-box solution that takes up one socket and draws one supply of power - but this is still a great little device for the money.