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Or then again what you have done will cause inconvenience for your Mac because there are as yet something left after you junk the application symbol, i. At that point what way would it be advisable for you to receive to accomplish an entire expulsion of the undesirable application? Proceed with your perusing and you will learn after you take after the means to effectively uninstall League of Legends on your Mac. At that point what do you have to do and how to uninstall League of Legends from your Mac all alone?

Uninstall League of Legends on Mac

Here comes the subtle elements. All above is the insights about how to uninstall League of Legends legitimately and totally physically. In all honesty talking, it is a tedious way and a complex uninstall technique for Mac users, particularly the beginner ones. However aside from the manual evacuation strategy, you can receive a programmed one by means of an outsider uninstaller, which empowers you to uninstall League of Legends in seconds. You can get your own uninstaller and the establishment of it will cost you nothing.

How to Delete League of Legends Files on Mac

You can uninstall this diversion independent from anyone else. Manual League of Legends evacuation require a smidgen of extra time and persistence. But before we start speaking on how to uninstall League of Legends on Mac , if you are in a hurry we suggest you skip ahead and download the CleanMyMac X uninstaller now for free and move forward to the last section of this articles with detailed instruction.

Those leftover files are taking up the space that you could be used to download new games or hold onto more important files.

How to Uninstall League of Legends on Mac | Guide

To ensure that you uninstall League of Legends completely, we will walk you through two of the best ways of How to Uninstall League of Legends on Mac. The first will be uninstalling through the Trash. While the second one involves the use of a special tool, which is called CleanMyMac X. If you choose manual methods, you have to follow 4 steps.

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They are easy in a way, but the process needs some of your time and efforts. So, to uninstall LoL on Mac follows these 4 steps:. Are you through with it?

How do i uninstall league of legends on mac

Client not working? Want to uninstall LoL, but it's not in program list. What do?

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  7. I want to get rid of this game. The folder on my hdd is there, and I can launch the game and play just fine Can I simply delete the folder? I also can't find it in my registry anywhere. If it was there, I'd do it, haha. That's the whole issue.

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    It's not under my list of programs, nor is it in the registry. I can run it out of the folder, though. Nope, not in there. It's also weird because I had to make a folder to move all the files in.

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    So when I downloaded the game, I chose to put it on my hdd, but instead of creating a Riot Games folder, it simply threw all the files into my D: so i had to make a folder and put them all inside. Very odd. If you want, I can check my files, when I get home.

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    I may be able to find another place it could have gone. Ok, thanks. Honestly, it's not to be found in the search tab either through Windows It's like it's not even on my computer I'm not sure but maybe the hextech repair tool can help you. It's not on the program list for me either, but I reinstalled system without reinstalling league so I guess that's why. Just delete the files.