Creating folders in outlook for mac

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Create a Predefined Search Folder in Outlook

Read More? Disk images can pile up quickly if you install a lot of apps. Here's how to clean up your Mac desktop for a better work environment. Read More! You can dig into the settings a bit more to get even more specific by limiting the device models. Read More is a great way to keep you data organized. Using Smart Folders, you can get specific tag results. Try combining different tags, searching for specific file types that have a tag, or any other combination of attributes. The Created date attribute lets you select a time period with ease.

When you hold down the Option key, the plus on the right side of the screen turns to three dots.

Add more folders in the navigation pane of Outlook

Use that to create folders that contain the results of multiple smart searches. You can use this tactic to get all sorts of combinations of files. When macOS sees files that have the same filename, it appends a number in parentheses to them. Using a Boolean search to find files than have 1 , 2 , or 3 in the filename will help you find those duplicate files, no matter where they are.

Check out our tutorial on smart group filters to find out how you can make smart contact lists, smart photo albums, and smart mailboxes. Enjoying our Mac tutorials? Read More.

How to Use Outlook Folders to Keep Your Inbox Organized

Your email address will not be published. Photos taken on the iPhone, and synced via iCloud, do not show up in the Smart Folder. To move an email to an existing folder, click on the folder and drag it to the desired folder in the navigation pane on the left side of the window. If the desired folder is located inside another folder, hover over the parent folder until it expands, and then drop the email in the folder you want.

Outlook organizes folders in alphabetical order, except for the Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, and Deleted Items folders, which appear first. Outlook allows you to nest folders inside other folders so that you can group similar folders together.

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Suggest new content or let us know how we can improve this content optional :. If you desire a response, please provide your email address optional :. Directory Share. Outlook: Create and Manage Folders. Create a new folder In the "Folder" tab, click "New Folder. Enter a name for your folder in the "Name" field.

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    Creating Folders in Outlook

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