Mac mini boot from time machine

Problem is, my last backup is months old.

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Everything has been so reliable for so long that I got lazy about doing month updates. Still, I was able to boot the Mini from the cloned partition and then clone that to the DeskStar, which worked perfectly. It was just very out of date.

How To Back Up Your Mac That Won’t Boot - macReports

Apple did everyone a solid when it included backup software with OS X Until this weekend, I had never had a reason to use Time Machine, and I assumed it would work like Retrospect, which I used in my IT days and also used on the Low End Mac network a decade or so back, in both cases backing up to tape. With Retrospect, you had to have a bootable system on your hard drive, the Retrospect control panel installed with a valid serial number, and start the restoration process, which might involve several tape swaps.

It was smart enough to only the copy files it needed to. It erases the destination drive and restores everything from your backup. It wipes the drive and starts from scratch. You have to boot your Mac from an OS X Booting from the optical drive is slow, but it works. If anyone knows of a way to make a recovery disk or recovery partition, please share it so I can pass along that information to others still using Leopard and Snow Leopard. That took 4 hours, so I let it run overnight. I discovered Sunday morning that it had the same boot problems I first experienced on August 9.

Restore your Mac from a backup

Finally, the Mac mini is running Snow Leopard again — and with almost everything it had when it crashed. I have Yosemite on a second internal drive that occupies the space formerly filled by the optical drive, which I rarely use and is now external. I have my most important work files in Dropbox. I created and update bootable mirror images of my hard drive less often than I should.

The point of this hint is to be able to have a bootable drive as quick as possible. Time Capsule doesn't apply here. Why not wait until the failure, drive to your local retailer, purchase an external HDD, and then restore? I'm not saying this is a better solution, just an alternative for those of us that live within 30 minutes of a Target or other similar store.

This solution also scales better as you increase the number of macs since you get to fully utilize all of the space on your backup drive and you only spend extra when you need to. I don't see the need to partition your drive ahead of time, except maybe to make sure that space is available. Disk Utility on the install disk will let you partition once your disk fails.

Restore from a Time Machine backup

Thank you!! Just answered my question I didn't see why that blank partition needed to be sitting there unused either. Except for the fact that Time Machine will keep making backups until the partition its assigned to fills up. At that point, if you you try to repartition, you'll be overwriting data. Or am I missing something. I think this is a great hint. Just a note, I'm pretty sure you can only restore a bootable copy from a Time Machine backup if your backup includes the system files.

That is, if you've set Time Machine to exclude "System files and applications" in the Time Machine preference panel, OS X isn't smart enough to install the OS on a blank partition and pull everything out of the backup at the same time. A good point. I guess in this case you would first have to install OS X and your applications onto the blank partition, which you should still be able to do even if your main hard drive has failed as long as you have their original install discs. In fact, this just happened to me when my MacBook's internal HD crashed. I simply replaced the drive, reinstalled Leopard, applied the system updates, and used Migration Assistant to move the data from my external Time Machine drive.

I would like to point out that at first, I forgot that I had excluded the system files from my backup, so I tried to select my Time Machine backup when I installed Leopard. It actually let me do this, and then hung at the screen where it shows your backup recovery progress. I was pretty concerned until I realized what was going on. The backup volume I made with Time Machine worked fine and I used it without incident until my new MacBook arrived a week later. I then installed my system onto the new MacBook using the latest Time Machine backup, and everything was hunky-dory.

A variation on the method to make it a self-contained solution. This solution looks the most promising. Thanks for the article. Any suggestions? It seems like now a days that doing something like this is essential. It comes, logo appears, the progress bar appears and gets hung halfway. After a bit, the screen goes to white and then it shuts down. Occasionally it will try to reboot but hangs again. Have Yosemite and keep it updated.

Things you can do in Internet Recovery Mode

Very frustrating to see this question not answered. Hello Jan! I am encountering the Exact same symptoms. With regards. Have encountered this problem — it ended up being a faulty logic board.

Set Up New Mac Using Time Machine

The HDD itself was fine. Hi, my MacBook said unable to create images. What should i do? Looks like a great solution.

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Is the external harddrive where the image will be saved erased with starting backing up the image? My external harddrive is huge therefore I also have other files on it that I do not want to delete. Thanks for any feedback! Hey did you ever get the answer to your question about erasure of drive if you made an image in a drive that has information on it already?

I have a few problems with my laptop. I am able to make it to the first steps lists above. I am able to press open disk image which allows me to see all the files and folders on the laptop.

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Just wondering if you found a solution? Mine is doing the same. It says to select your external drive, but it does not show that happening in the picture, which confused me at first until I started from the beginning and followed the words rather than the pictures. Hope that helps! So far, so good! Otherwise, I have lost a year since my last back up.

Can't boot from time machine disk

Not sure what to do next? You need an external drive that is specifically Mac Ready so that it is already formatted correctly. The hard drive is not MAC readable. You need to get a FAT 32 drive. Howeve if you have big files you might need another MAC to re format the External drive to a different format.

Will this Image taking also backup of my pictures? Can someone confirm this? I keep getting error How do I safely back up all my files without erasing my external drive or my Mac? Did you manage to back up all your files? I have the same question. Plus my gb hard drive is only shown as under a gig on the external drive. Operation failed with status 2. I have a late re-furbished MacBook Pro that cant gets past the grey screen of death for more than a minute before shutting down.

What to do about the OS? I set the backup going and a progress bar appeared and seemed to be working.

I left it going and returned to find iMac seemingly asleep, mouse movement woke it, but to a blank dark grey screen. Thanks it worked for me.