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These developers will be able to test their own software, widely and publicly, on Yosemite before the OS is officially released, which should mean that many more Yosemite-optimized apps will be ready on Day One. Beta software is, by definition, not final-release quality, so there are bound to be bugs, some of them serious. But in OS X And I love it. Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart for the lowest prices ever.

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Typing an email on your iPhone? Handoff lets you quickly switch to your Mac. The Instant Hotspot feature makes it simple to use your iPhone to get online. With iCloud Drive, you can sync and easily access any kind of data. Yosemite's Spotlight can do more than just find your files. Mail Markup Sometimes email attachments are just photos. With Markup, you can annotate attachments right from within Mail. Messages conveniences Over the past couple years, Macworld editors have had so many problems with Messages for OS X—and the underlying iMessage service—that many of us have shifted to using AIM on third-party clients.

Click that little microphone icon to send an audio message. It's even easier on iPhone. Apple is letting—nay, encouraging—end users to test beta versions of Yosemite. But it's also adding tons of refinements to streamline your everyday computing with a more rich Notifications center and Spotlight searches that access information on the Web.

Along with the major feature refinements, a new flatter interface design emerges that takes lessons from iOS 7, but manages to remain a unique experience for desktops and laptops. What results from this mix of new features and reworked design aesthetics is a free Mac OS upgrade that's more useful than previous versions with a modern feel that makes it the best Mac OS yet. Yosemite's new design is the first thing you notice booting up for the first time.

It's big on translucence and making search front and center. The windows and navigational elements, like the side bar, get translucent and dark, which gives the OS some edge. But don't assume it's a direct copy. Instead, it has a similar feel, but is clearly made for Macs, differentiating itself from other Apple devices.

Virtually every app, from the Menu bar to messages, showcases this slick new design. Calendar, for example, gets a new look for the week view, as well as new details in a view of the day's events at a glance. Safari gets a smaller translucent menubar that keeps all the functionality of Safari in Mavericks, letting you experience more of the Web content you're looking at. Even the Menu bar and system fonts have been replaced to give Yosemite a cleaner, more elegant feel.

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Full screen apps get a very sensible upgrade in Yosemite, making the "stoplight" buttons work more efficiently. The red button still closes a window, and the yellow still minimizes it to the Dock.

But the green button now toggles between full-screen apps and standard windows, making it a lot more logical than Mavericks that had the full-screen button in another area on the upper right. In other words, the design changes are neither revolutionary nor are they a major shift like we had from iOS 6 to iOS 7, but the changes make Yosemite feel more modern, and its cleaned-up elements and new features help to streamline your workflow.

It's true that Mac OS X Mavericks already had a notification center, with a slide-out window from the right you could access with a two-finger swipe on your trackpad or by clicking a button in the upper right.

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In Yosemite, you'll have the same functionality with all the usual updates, with the addition of the new Today view and widgets from Apple's core apps and increasingly from third-party software as the OS matures , you'll have more information at your fingertips. The Today view connects with your calendar, social networks, reminders, and more to give you a quick overview of your day. You can see meetings and appointments, any reminders you've set up in the Reminders app, the current weather in your location, and today's birthdays so you know who to send a message to.

It's all done with a clean design that divides up each category sensibly so it's easy to read at a glance.

18 Essential Mac Apps for Yosemite

What makes the sidebar notification center even more useful is the addition of widgets. Formerly relegated to the Dashboard, you'll now be able to add core Apple widgets such as your calendar, weather, stocks, world clocks, social networks, a calculator, and reminders so you can interact with them directly without leaving the notification center.

All of these come included with Yosemite at launch. But there will also be several third-party developers adding their own widgets to the mix so you can quickly check out sports scores from ESPN, or get the latest CNN headlines customized to stories you care about. Just as you clicked the magnifying glass in the upper right or Command-spacebar to search your hard drive in Mavericks, Spotlight in Yosemite uses the same controls to deliver local results on your hard drive, and now also finds relevant results from the Web.

As an example, searching for "Golden Gate Bridge" in Mavericks returns results in the upper right part of the screen from my connected email account and any other files or apps with that name on my hard drive. At the bottom of the search box there are options to search the Web or Wikipedia for Golden Gate Bridge, which opens Safari to load the results. Obviously performing a spotlight search for Golden Gate Bridge in Mavericks is not ideal because it only searches the hard drive, but it illustrates why Yosemite is so much more convenient.

In Yosemite, searching for Golden Gate Bridge gives you location-based results in Maps, news stories about the bridge, the associated Wikipedia entry, and any references to the bridge in your connected email accounts. A similar search on Google will get you much of the same information, but I have to admit it's pretty easy to hit command-spacebar and type in a location for a quick list of results. What's more, when searching for a restaurant, Spotlight will display a map, address and phone number, plus you'll be able to use Yosemite's Handoff to call the number straight from your Mac.

Watch a quick video to see Spotlight in action. Continuity features let you start work on one device then "handoff" to another and it lets you make calls directly from your Mac. With handoff, you can start writing an email on your iPad and then switch over to your Mac.

How to change your App/Folder icons-MAC OSX Yosemite

Your Mac automatically knows you were writing the email on a nearby device, and displays a notification in the lower left hand corner that lets you open the email straight away and continue writing from where you left off. Similarly, you could be working on a chart in Numbers on your Mac, then switch to your iPad, pull up from the notification in the lower left of the screen, and continue working on the chart on your iPad. As I mentioned above, Continuity extends to your iPhone's calls and messages as well. When you receive a phone call on your iPhone, you'll be able to get caller ID and answer the call on your Mac as long as both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Once you're on a call and another call comes, you'll get a notification about the new call, along with an option to put your current call on hold to answer it; hang up and answer the new call; or add the person to a conference call with you on the other call. Google users will recall you can do the same thing with Google Voice. Apple makes dialing and answering calls ubiquitous for all Yosemite users -- even from a Web page.

All of this happens using bluetooth and the same Wifi connection. But in my testing, I was pleasantly surprised by the features for call-waiting and conference calls, and can definitely see how this will be useful for just about anyone. Watch a video that demonstrates Continuity features.

As I mentioned earlier, new design elements across Yosemite attempt to put content first, and Safari is one of the best examples. The new toolbar at the top is much slimmer, but manages to keep all the tools you're used to from Mavericks. It also has the translucence found across all the Yosemite apps showing more of what's behind the tools giving you a better browsing experience. Navigating Safari is easier too, letting you view all your tabs in stacks with Tab View and making it easier to find the site you want quickly.

When you click in the search bar, all your favorite sites show up as icons just below so you can click immediately to go to sites you frequent. Safari also finally gets a private browsing mode and you can isolate one tab for security. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

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