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There comes a point where listening to glammy guitar lines, hardly sung lyrics and a trying hard not to try attitude can stretch on for infinity. This move was apparently read as cynical he apparently got accused of ripping off Cass McCombs on this album , but then again, life is cynical and terrible, so shouts to Mac Demarco. Except worse than that. It gets better, Annies.

This is a damaged, cracked love song delivered without irony. Best New Mac.

Mac Demarco - cifras para Ukulele [Uke Cifras]

This is the former, and I bet which song you prefer says a lot about where you went to college. That would take real balls. Indie rock for president, 2K One time when I was there I smoked hash and walked around alone, and I remember staring at myself as I walked by this glass building in a French-ass neighborhood.

I am reporting it here first: Mac DeMarco wrote this song after getting high and looking at that building. Shouts to Montreal.

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It turns out distinguishing 34 Mac DeMarco tracks from each other is the real challenge here. You can thank Andrew for doing all of this work for you, Mac DeMarco fans. He's on Twitter - thestorfer. I do not teach jazz guitar as well as some other teachers. I do have a waiting list for new students, and openings do come up. Download The Blackforrest Guitar Companion free of charge and start brushing-up on the fundamentals that I teach all of my face-to-face students.

This is a boiled-down player's guide that will walk you through Theory, Chords, Scales, and Arpeggios.

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You do need to understand the basics architecture of the guitar as well as tablature, chord charts, and scale charts. A selection of instructional videos from my YouTube channel and the corresponding tabs that will give you a feel for my teaching style and versatility. If you like these check out the full archive up on YouTube. No copyright infringement is intended in these transcriptions.


These are intended for educational use only, and I transcribed everything by ear. I'll be happy to remove any transcription that ruffles someone's feathers. Welcome to music lessons!

Thank you for choosing to study with me. I hope that you find your studies challenging, enlightening and rewarding. In order to get the most from your lessons, please understand and adhere to the following policies.

Mac DeMarco - Let Her Go (Live on KEXP)

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Let Her Go

Where to next? Get the Book Download The Blackforrest Guitar Companion free of charge and start brushing-up on the fundamentals that I teach all of my face-to-face students. Thank you! Download book here.