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Syncing Android contacts with Mac

Finder will provide all the tools you need to update and restore your device, manage backups, and sync content between your Mac and mobile device. The interface looks awfully similar to how it does on iTunes today. You'll still be able to manage what music, movies, shows, podcasts, audiobooks, books, photos and file transfers between your devices. Even though Apple has introduced specific apps for some of these content types, you won't have to go through each individually to manage the synced content.

So, when you update your Mac to macOS Back to School See what's new in watchOS 6.

How to sync data automatically with SyncMate

See more Tablets news. Click Calendar , then the Share Calendar button to the right of your chosen calendar. Make the calendar public, and copy the link—that can then be pasted into Google Calendar click the plus icon on the left-hand pane then From URL.

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Events created on macOS will then appear on Android, but not the other way around. There are some third-party options for syncing data like calendars and contacts though not for iMessages and photos.

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For the best macOS-with-Android experience, you really need Google underpinning everything. Refreshingly so, in fact. The native Mail, Contacts and Calendar apps for macOS can all work with Google accounts rather than iCloud ones, and taking this route means everything syncs to Android easily and reliably.

Sync Android to iTunes on Mac or PC

To set this up, click the Apple menu then choose System Preferences —click Internet Accounts , then Google , and sign in with your credentials to start the sync. From the same dialog you can pick whether to sync emails, contacts, and calendars all at once, or just one or two of the three. If you prefer living on the web, everything is even easier. Install Chrome for Mac and all your passwords and bookmarks from Android sync over, and you can then open up Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, your purchased movies and TV shows or whatever you like from your macOS machine.

Meanwhile, Google Photos will gladly slurp up pictures from your Mac and your Android phone and make all your photos and videos available in both places—it can even upload pictures from your Apple Photo Library.

2 easy ways to connect an Android phone to a Mac computer

For the desktop client, make sure your settings are right. Click the icon on the menu bar, then the menu button three dots , then Preferences : On the My Mac or My MacBook tab, Make sure Upload newly added photos and videos to Google Photos is ticked, and all the folders where these media files are located are selected above. If you want all your Google Photos on disk on your Mac as well as in the cloud, sync the Google Photos folder locally under the Google Drive tab.

This takes care of all kinds of other types of files too, provided you select the right folders in the Preferences dialog. WhatsApp is another app that will work on Android and the web, so you can send and receive messages from your Mac computer. Applications like AirDroid can mirror your Android screen, but you still need to pick up your phone.