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Because Startup Items and Login Items are disabled in Safe Mode and certain features are turned off, such as native display drivers, advanced Wi-Fi and file sharing, some apps might not work correctly in Safe Mode. Feel free to submit your suggestions to tips iDownloadBlog. Enter macOS Verbose Mode. What is Verbose Mode? Step 1: Now press the power button to start your Mac. If you have custom hardware setup— People who hook up specialized peripherals to their Mac, like DJ decks, Thunderbolt drives, digitizers and so forth can identify problems in Verbose Mode by checking out the messages to see if software support for your peripheral has loaded successfully.

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Booting your Mac in Safe Mode loads only essential macOS items, helping isolate any software problems you might have. First, I see the Apple logo, then after seconds, I get the blank white screen. But mine has a mouse cursor. I can move it around with the mouse. Rebooting got things back to normal, but about every fourth or fifth time I boot now, the white screen comes back. The way I fix my white screen now is to unplug the video cable for a second, then plug it back in. So when I get a white screen, I just unplug the video and plug it back in. When turning on my iMac I occasionally get 3 drives come up.

Using a Mac mini G4 in 2013 FAQ

I have also tried all of the above solutions. I can get onto my Windows side. Very frustrating, lease help me. I inherited a Mac book pro , FireWire port one.

19 useful Mac startup key combinations you should familiarize yourself with

The screen is white with lines, like a broken cable on the inside. Thing is Buddy took his hdd. So no screen, no os.

Start the system in Safe Boot mode

How would I install os without seeing or can I mirror to external from boot. Deeply grateful to you! I am no tech, but your white screen routine worked for my Mac Yosemite. Saved me a difficult and probably costly trek into town. White screen arose after I accidentally turned power off just as the imac was booting up. Thankyou again.

The unbootable Mac mini

My mac went to a white screen after I got an error message that said it had failed to reinstall the mac os operating system during an update. I hit the restart button and everything turned to white. Not sure what to do. I did get my mac second hand, but the hard drive was replaced by the ssi I think that is the name for it type of drive. Any help is much appreciated. I just got this Mac in October. Having a similar issue, white screen with Apple logo while trying to reinstall Snow Leopard on an older Mac Pro.

I went home and started backing up my personal files to my iMac. This was gig heavy so left machines on overnight….

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About 24 hours in the white screen on my MacBookPro had now been white screen of death for a whole week suddenly jumped to the thunderbolt logo target drive. Genius Bar have no explanation. Maybe I was lucky… but this gives hope to other people who think the logic board is dead. Upon reboot the Mac laptop worked exactly as before… maybe even quicker, as I had systematically backed up and removed data from the HDD. Please try this and share.

Not sure this works as my macbook continues to suddenly go to a black screen lock and then on reboot it fails to load internet restore seems to work to get it to reboot, but i think you have to let the macbook completely cool down before rebooting. I am currently running El Capitan I did have to run internet restore 3 or 4 times before it would reboot normally also rebooted in Verbose mode , then I was able to download and install the app.

Also note that my macbook runs much cooler now and much less fan noise. Shows only the integrated card in use. Hi, I just experienced the white screen on reboot.

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I tried all of the above and nothing worked until I rebooted in Verbose mode. Then shut down and it restarted OK. Macbook pro late From the factory, since Lion Armed with the disk number run this command in the terminal:. Many thanks for your response. Pretty claire. What will happen when I chose, for example, El Capitan to start from?

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  5. The introduction of the SIP-factor on the installation procedure cause me a lot of fuss. Many thanks in advance for your reply. I always get, after a long period of wait, a flashing question mark. No hardware problems interface circuitry and physical state of platters. The same happens with any external HD linked via the FireWire port.

    So i have tried alot. I am lost……help anyone. I only started having this problem when I enabled FireVault.

    What to do when a Mac won't boot to Safe Mode

    The rest of you with this problem white screen at start up requiring password , did you enable FireVault? I have OS Sierra. Curiously Apple does not address the white screen problem at all on their page about screens you might see during boot. You would think it does not exist, but I have seen it too as well as the black screen. I assume it is a software bug.

    I too will never go back to MS. If I need something there rarer and rarer , I use VMWare Fusion and a selection of images with needed software ready to go.

    Powerbook G4 M5884 Only Boot's into safemode

    I have fixed a few machines by slaving then to my mac via Target disc mode and clearing the extensions folder in Library in root. With a restart the extensions that are default are re added and the culprits are gone. Before you try any of the above, I had a white screen problem on my iMac after an update, which caused me a lot of grief, and resulted in reinstalling my system.

    When it happened again on the next updated, I was lucky enough to notice that I recognised the sound being made when I tried the keyboard. Sure enough, it was working properly, just not displaying. I then restarted the iMac and everything was OK. Whatever caused the video problem, I was not fixing it by repeatedly aborting the update. I just had to allow the process to finish and that solved it. The moral to the story is that there is an extra step of trying to Screen Share before you start to panic.

    That worked. I would love to find out if I can fix the white screen. Someone out there fix this issue! Please explain how to reboot the Mac. The reason Verbose mode works is likely the fact that it is using the graphics display. Put another way, it is a completely different path in startup. The normal Mac startup does no graphics output except the White Screen, until it ups up the Apple Logo. Yes, text is graphics.

    I found El Capitan Sierra is worse than Yosemite with major mission critical bugs, maybe it will clean up by the time But Mac OS X I use Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.