Mac keyboard usb port not working

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Yes or No? Latest: masop 1 minute ago. Latest: remixislandmusic 2 minutes ago. Is the i5 K a safe CPU to get for gaming in the near future? Latest: cadco96 3 minutes ago. Moderators online. Top Bottom. Question k Overclock won't work in High Sierra!! Jul 30, Apr 27, USB ports on Mac usually work smoothly but sometimes an error can be seen there as well.

Macbook Air keyboard & trackpad not working because of missing bias on USB hub.

So, the machine may always have issues. Here we have some important solutions for the Mac users to follows if they find their USB ports stop working. First, you need to make sure where the problem is. There can be a connection issue when USB itself fails to connect the Mac. We need to start from the basics to make sure your USB works fine. You should also check if there is any kind of dust in the ports of Mac. If dust is there, you can use a soft cloth to make it clean.

Sometimes, the problem can be there only in one port of the system.

Mac USB Ports Stopped Working? It’s Likely Easy to Fix

You can try other ports of the Mac to check if they are working properly or not. If they are working that means it is a single port that has any sort of problems. On the other hand, you can check your USB device on other Mac systems to clarify whether it is Okay or not.

You can use a keyboard and mouse to check the port. There can be a manufacturing defect in one port of the system, so you can use other port and repair the faulty one later.

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This can work in your case. This solution is suggested by many Mac users, so you should try this one.

Fix MacBook, Mac Pro USB Ports Not Working Problem

That's pretty weird. Have you tried resetting the PRAM again? I'd recommend that. Also, the fact that you have to press hard on the keys is really weird. Have you plugged the keyboard into another computer to see how it behaves there? I solved my problem by going to keyboard in system preferences and unchecking the boxes for special function.. Thanks for sharing that solution; I hadn't hear of that one before!

Definitely a good one to keep in mind. Thank you! I just tried this and it worked I then plugged the USB keyboard in and it worked! It took me a minute just to type the I'd definitely bring it into the Genius Bar and see what they say. Or buy yourself a cheap USB keyboard; that should solve the problem, too. I beg to differ. I think they're great keyboards. But some people can't get used to the Apple keyboards for whatever reason.

And I've never had a Bluetooth issue with the latest versions. But thank God Apple changed the latest keyboard to a two battery model. The previous models used 3 batteries which drove me nuts. You'd be shocked how often you end up with only 2 or just 1 battery in the kitchen drawer! More often than you would think believe it or not. I have also found Apple keyboards to be really quiet, which was great as a graduate student.

What to do if Mac USB devices are not working

The switch from three- to two-battery was a really good move on Apple's part. Odd numbers of batteries just suck. Hmmm my experience with Apple keyboards has been the opposite in terms of how quiet they are. Of course, compared to mechanical keyboards, they are much quieter.

But compared to other chiclet keyboards, not so much. I find Dell and Lenovo not ThinkPad keyboards to be far more silent. Ah, that could be true; most of my experience with non-Apple keyboards is with mechanical ones. I've never thought of the Apple keyboards as loud, but if the Lenovo and Dell ones are more quiet, that's awesome.

After working in a lot of libraries during my post-grad studies, I can certainly appreciate the need for a very quiet keyboard. I usually listen to music throughout the day, and that covers up a good portion of the noise of my Apple keyboard, so I haven't found it to be irritating. I think my response came out accusatory when I didn't mean it to, sorry about that.

Is Your Mac USB Port Not Working? Try Out These Fixes to Get it Working

I meant that Apple keyboards are good at being silent, but there are others which are far more silent : I think it depends on what you are used to. If someone who uses a mechanical keyboard uses an Apple keyboard, they'll be super impressed by the low amount of noise. Whereas someone who uses an Apple Keyboard ends up using one of the Dells, they might be even more impressed.

I don't really know :. Well now I have to go try a Dell.

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  7. The only other keyboards I've used in the past few years are ones in university libraries, and those have a strange tendency to be super loud. Seriously, ditch the stupid things. They're poor keyboards for people who actually need to, you know, type.

    They have limited key travel, idiosyncratic layouts and missing keys. I haven't had any trouble with mine at all; I've used a couple different models and they've been fine except for the weird USB extender issue. My wife has used one for a long time and loves it, too. It's possible that I'm missing something, but it seems like you're just stating a preference for keyboards with longer key travel and a layout that you like. Not an actual reason that they're worse than another keyboard. Strange layouts and missing keys for no good reason are extremely problematic for people who can actually type.

    Short key travel means accidental key presses, another problem for typists, but also one for gamers.

    For Wireless Apple Keyboards

    These are misfeatures even before discussing issues of battery life and poor wireless connectivity. Which keys are missing? I do a ton of typing I'd go so far as to say I can "actually type" , and I've never had a problem with not having a key for something I needed. I suppose the layout could be weird if you're coming from a PC keyboard, but I haven't noticed anything super out of the ordinary, either.

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