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Your code worked for me, but I have a problem. It was the only code that actually got some where. Once I was able to use your code it went back to the same login in screen that I am trying to get away from. Thanks a lot this thing help me alot but i have one question. Does using the above simply create a new user account? By that I mean that browser history and passwords would not be accessed? Also what about if particular folders were password protected, could they be accessed??

If someone can get physical access to your machine, they can get in no matter the platform. Encryption is the solution. Filevault is OS X only. Apple did recently hire a heavy-duty security guy. I agree with other posts. People say Mircosoft has bad security thinking, but this is redicilous. I have forgotten my firmware password on MacBook Air. Do you know the work around please? I just tried it out on my mac I bought straight from the apple store, Lion and all, and it worked perfectly.

Pretty paranoid now! That password is big joke if that can change so easily! Apple should inform more of this to basic users so they could protect data and files much better! Cmd-s boot in SUM 2. Thanks for saving my bacon. What a relief to know there are people out there who are not as thick-headed as I am! Agree this is the easiest and best. BUT got caught on number 5.

You need to put passwd shortname — not shortname passwd as I read the instruction at first. Followed directions and hit reboot, now I just get a grey screen and the circle of death, any fixes for that???? Just typing in lines of apparent nonsense to me does not help new users. You need to say exactly what and where to do things. In other words, you need to annotate each number of your instructions, as if a third-grader who never saw a computer before was trying to follow them. This applies to everyone giving advice here.

You are familiar with Apple products, so you assume others are. Can I just click on some command to delete all emails from my phone at once? Thanx for any advice. Back to the password reset. I heard that you had to change the amount of ram in the computer. For example if there is 2 GB of ram, take one out, then turn the computer on and the Firmware Password would be gone.

Then you would put the ram back in. Is what you said an easier way of doing it? Also, could you please be more specific in the process of resetting the cmos. How long do you have to unplug the machine for? Also, do you plug the machine back in then hold the power button or do you do it while it is unplugged then plug it back in to turn it on. Also, I am doing all of this on a recent generation iMac. Please help me out; I would very highly appreciate it. I have an old Imac I set up for my wife and the PW was lost. I found this artical while looking for better instructions.

I used the Command-S trick. This worked slick, Thanks! What next?? I get the same thing. Did you get it figured out? Simple really, simply Fustrating for such a simple thing lol. OK I got same problem. If you would of read carefully then you knew that the answer would be NO — because it deletes your user so it deletes all the files on it too. The steps here do not erase the original account. Go through the steps mentioned above and create a new user and it will have admin rights.

After logging in as the new user, the old user acct still exists. Reset the password on that acct and you can log in and all the data will be intact. Let me restate something, just to be clear: These steps do not erase any data from the Mac. All data will be safe. Hi I did the above and I am able to get into account but it seems to now have lots of software missing, like advanced photoshop type of software I had here before…can u help please why this is? I even called Apple, and the only advise they could give me, was to take it to an Apple store. These instructions worked perfectly and saved a lot of time!!!

Thanks so much!!! Help please!!! Sorry if i insult you as i currently think you may be new to mac. Are you hitting the power button then command S or just command S? I do not see anything where I can check the filesystem or mount the drive as writable after I click command S. For best practice, follow the instructions to do this from your phone.

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This does work to reset a Mac password, you must follow the instructions. This is for advanced users. If you are a newcomer to the computer world, call the official Apple Support that came with your Mac. Yes, but what keyboard are you using that still has an Apple logo on it? Must be retro Mac! Wow, just tried it, and it worked like a charm. I did this and was about to click reboot when my computer shut off. Now it will not turn on or connect to the charger. BTW should add my thanks to whoever posted this, forgot my manners. Would be screwed without this tip.

Thank You. Much appreciated. Im now getting the welcome intro. This method of the second account is fantastic!!!! After step 1 on the instructions without the disc, my computer would get past the apple symbol and the loading circle. What do i doooo!!!!!! I hit reboot the comp restarts, the grey screen with apple icon appears for about 5 secs… but then -everything shuts down! When I restart, the same thing keeps happening.

The 5 Best Microsoft Office Password Recovery Tools

What gives???? I just locked my mac using find my mac app through i cloud and put my mac on 4 digit passcode now i can unlock my mac how can i do it?? Hope it helps :. I did the re-start and set-up following the second method command prompt. That will create an empty file to indicate setup wizard to stop running, but without an account it will do no good.

PDF Password Cracker for Mac OS X

I am having the same problem as Dayn. I go through all the steps of the Welcome Wizard and after the final step the Wizard starts all over again. Help please! The above would not work for me as I could not get the reset window to appear after the 3 failed attempts.

The user being the administrator as well and the main password for the computer, Mavericks OS. Thank you for the guidance to help fix this. If anyone is still on this thread, can you help me? I get to the terminal, type in the first command fsck -fy and then get a series of checking notes. This is for advanced users, you could really mess something up by not entering exact precise syntax at the command line, there is no confirmation and everything is taken as literal command like a robot with no undo.

Use at your own risk. I have a Imac pro I installed high sierra a day later I turned it on only for it to stay stuck on apple loading bar.

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Ive tried just about every thing. Am able to reset Admin password successful without any difficulty after reading and applying your procedures you gave. Not really! Worked well for me but a couple of discrepancies in the instructions. Note: this may not be necessary but I did not take any chances. I have been working on my password problem all day with many different ways and this one finally worked.

Make sure you enter all Terminal commands exactly as shown. Another point of confusion — This does NOT affect any data or configuration other than password and user ID that you are trying to change. It is completely safe as shown. Mac OS Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Forgot Mac Password? Utku says:. June 28, at pm. Jitender Sharma says:. May 4, at am. August 14, at pm.

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How to Recover an Unsaved Word Document on a Mac

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Mar 9, AM in response to rkaufmann87 In response to rkaufmann Mar 10, PM. Mar 10, PM in response to evalynfromca In response to evalynfromca. Question: Q: mac word password recovery More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Suzi18 Suzi Question: Q: Question: Q: mac word password recovery Is there a way to recover a password for a word document docx on a mac?

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