World of warships mac black screen

There is also a form that one can fill out. It sends an email to a technical support member of Blizzard's staff. They usually reply to the query within 24 hours. It is found here. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Any help from the community would be greatly appreciated.

Infinite Loading Screen - Gameplay - World of Warplanes European official forum

Also, I've been able to play the game before with no issues. Ive got the same problem. Its only happened since the last patch!! Ive done the same after someone in the other thread suggested it. No difference.

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I also tried a full clean install but after ages waiting for it to download its just the same. WG support got back to me but only with the same list of things to do. Which ive already tried.

Sadly no help so WOWp is going to gather dust untill they fix this problem. Im lucky as my prem time just ran out few days ago. CheefCoach, on 22 January - PM, said:.

  • Black Screen when loading the game..
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  • World of Warships Mac: Fixing the black screen!

Can't disconnect from server, I can't even reach the main menu. After the signing in the game just hangs in infinite loading.

Running World of Warships on a Mac

This is less important mind you, I always login directly with my credentials but I dunno - might be related. Hi guys, here is how to overcome the "infinite loading screen" after the new patch 2. Enjoy the game on Mac OS! This is a special wrapper from Codeweawers and is in testing. We are not responsible for them in any way. Multiple games crash on startup.

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  5. Infinite Loading Screen.
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  7. I stumbled upon this recently, and I dont think it gets the attention it deserves. I havnt played since Beta so it had to update, but now it just stops loading, it doesnt crash or seem to freeze because the music starts and keeps on playing, so i cant get to the loginscreen.

    WoT Game Client Black Screen

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