How to open ports on mac os x 10.6

If you use this configuration, you shouldn't get asked for your password, but you'd need to include the port number in the URL localhost If you'd like to leave the port number out of the URL, change the Apache port to The downside of using port 80 as your MAMP Apache port is that you'll always be asked for your password.

Lastly, on the Web Server tab, you'll need to set a document root. This is where all of your files are going to be for your local web server.

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Your MAMP servers have now been started. Once that's open, select phpMyAdmin from the webpage. Some Internet routers also offer firewall-like protection to Internet traffic, so that if you link to a website which the router find suspicious, a warning will pop up and ask how you want to proceed. Let us know if you have enabled the Firewall on your Mac and how well it has worked for you.

Here are your best options and which one is right for you.

Common Port Numbers for Snow Leopard Server Services

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Its also worth noting that Mac OS X will simple forward all syslog data as a single source, not separating data by log file like the Universal Forwarder does. The steps to configure the syslog forwarding are:. Before touching anything, make a backup copy of the syslog configuration file syslogd.

Installing WordPress Locally on Your Mac With MAMP

Enter the password for the administrator account you are currently logged in as to continue. Insert the following line anywhere in your syslogd.

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Do not use spaces. The syslogd.

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If you would like to forward your syslog output on a different port to the standard , you can do this by specifying a specific port for your destination; e.