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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Setup a private space for you and your coworkers to ask questions and share information. I have dual monitors and a VM in virtual box with two displays, which gives me two separate windows. Is it possible to make only one of these VirtualBox windows full screen? To do so, you have to:. After that, the Guest Additions. You will see the. Run it and it will launch the install process in a Terminal.

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Follow the instructions until the end of the install process. I installed 6.

How to configure windows on Mac (retina) using virtual box

Last article advice me to install some Guest Additions from Virtual Box but that also didn't worked. That produced required result. Note- You may have different regularization size. Learn more about Teams. How to make a single virtualbox window full screen Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 5 months ago. Active 2 months ago. Like other virtualization apps, VirtualBox lets you run one or more guest systems from its VirtualBox Manager menu.

You can run a guest machine in a window, so that a full Windows desktop appears in a window on your Mac or you can run a Windows desktop full-screen on a Mac, almost as if your Mac was a true Windows machine. Alternatively, you can run a single Windows application in what VirtualBox calls Seamless mode. In this mode, the Windows desktop becomes invisible and that single Windows app lives in its own frame. At least, this is the way VirtualBox is designed to work and how it works with older Windows versions and the Linux versions that I tried.

At the time of this review, however, some VirtualBox features weren't working correctly with Windows 10 and the workarounds that I found on the web didn't solve the problems. The problems, which I describe later in this story, were more annoying than fatal, but until Oracle solves them, you should probably choose a commercial alternative if you want to run Windows 10 on your Mac.

If you want to run Windows in VirtualBox, the safest method is to install Windows from an installer disk image that you can download from Microsoft. Instead, you have to go through the same manual installation procedure that you would on a real hardware system.

How to display Windows in full screen on VirtualBox

If your Mac uses a retina screen, you'll be frustrated by the unreadably tiny size that VirtualBox displays by default while you're installing Windows. You can solve this problem by going to the Display tab on the Settings dialog for your emulated system and increasing the scale factor to percent—this is a typical example of VirtualBox's do-it-yourself methods. Parallels and VMware automatically adjust for Retina screens.

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Parallels and VMware both make it easy to install an emulated Mac system on your Mac, which you might want to have for testing or development. Users can install macOS either from their Mac's recovery partition or from an installer downloaded from the Mac App Store. It's possible to run an emulated Mac in VirtualBox, but it isn't easy and you'll need to search the web for detailed instructions. Unlike Parallels and VMware, VirtualBox won't automatically install the guest-system tools that let you drag and drop files between your Mac host and an emulated Windows or Linux guest.

To install these, you have to click the "Insert Guest Additions CD Image" item on the Device menu—not exactly an intuitive choice—and then figure out how to find the setup program on the emulated CD in the guest system, and which of three different versions of the tools to install. Expert users will find this easy, but unskilled users will be mostly lost.

I am impressed by VirtualBox's performance.

Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac

It needed only 35 seconds to boot an emulated Windows 10 system, about the same as Parallels Desktop, and almost twice as fast as VMware Fusion. I am also impressed by VirtualBox's smooth operations with an emulated Windows 7 system. I found it simple to switch instantly among VirtualBox's three display modes: full-screen, windowed which VirtualBox calls "Scaled Mode" , and single-application-window mode which VirtualBox calls "Seamless Mode".

How to Enable full Screen On Virtual Box any windows.

The same view options in a Windows 10 emulated system mostly didn't work. For example, when I tried to switch Windows 10 to Seamless Mode, it continued to display the Windows desktop, only without a frame. Parallels and VMware keep their software tools updated for current Windows systems, but VirtualBox users are doomed to wait. VMware and Parallels automatically provide bidirectional clipboard support for text and images, and bidirectional support for dragging and dropping files between the Windows or Linux guest and the Mac host desktop.

VirtualBox offers the same feature, but you need to turn it on manually.

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After the reboot, I cannot change the resolution. Have you tried to download and use latest VirtualBox Guest additions: Check here. You will need to check latest Virtual box directory and then download the latest Virtual Box Guest Additions. Perhaps I should install Kali since I want to learn more about Penetration testing. I did you use the scale feature as a work around in Centos, not ideal but it works for me at this point.

Which drive is better to install Virtual box?

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Is it C drive or D drive? Is the drive needs to have more free storage? Will allocating 1.

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Another thing is you can install the Virtual box setup in the C Drive but when you setup and create any OS VDI or VHD in the virtual box then you can choose a different drive, So it will not create any space related issue in the future. A2 If you are going to use Windows in it then You should use at least 2gb ram, you can also use this on 1.

If you think allotted Memory exceeds requirement then you can anytime change the value after completely shutting down the OS. I have the virtualbox 5. I installed the Guest Additions and tried another methods but any of those work. Any suggestions when the screen resolution is too big?