How to reopen safari on mac

How to Reopen Closed Safari Tabs and Windows, and Access History

In just a moment, what may have been hours of research is gone, all with a single click of the mouse or trackpad. Luckily, Safari will remember the tab you just closed, and with a trip to a Safari menu, or a quick keyboard command, your lost tab can be reopened. You need to reopen a closed tab fairly quickly; Safari uses it's normal undo command to restore the closed tab. The upshot is the undo buffer only holds a single tab.

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If you close another tab, you can only reopen the last tab you closed. If you close a Safari window , you can reopen the window just as you can reopen a closed tab. Actually, the process is slightly different, but the same rules apply; Safari will only open the last closed window. Safari only maintains a single window in its undo buffer.

Re-Open Recently Closed Safari Tabs on Mac

There's no built-in keyboard shortcut for reopening a closed window in Safari, however, you can create your own keyboard shortcut. Besides being able to reopen closed Safari windows and tabs, you can also open all Safari windows that were open the last time you quit Safari. Resume saves the state of all of the open windows of an app, in this case, any Safari window you have open.

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The information is saved when you quit Safari. It only takes a minute to sign up. Some apps are pre-installed, because it's a company laptop. So, maybe something in there, but I'm not sure. The problem is that neither Safari nor Vivaldi I installed Vivaldi to check there restore opened tabs.

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On my Ubuntu Desktop Vivaldi works perfectly with it. It does work after logging out and back in or force closing Safari, but when I close it normally and reopen, it does not reopen my last session, until I click reopen last closed tab, and it suddenly restores all my tabs from the last session. I needs a bit more testing I think, but looks like this should be reported to Apple if this behaviour is indeed consistent.

macOS: Recover Lost Tabs and Windows in Safari

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Reopen Safari Tabs on Mac

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If you can’t open a Safari window on Mac

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