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Read our Wasabi review for more details. We cover all of the subscription options in our Google Drive review. IDrive ranks as the most feature-packed backup service in this article, at least when only considering free iterations. Unlike with CloudBerry Backup, a free IDrive plan still encrypts files sent the the cloud, both in-transit and at-rest, and lets you opt into private encryption.

IDrive also has advanced scheduling features, block-level backup, file versioning and supports image-based backup. You can even use your subscription to backup your smartphone, something very few other online backup services allow. Add to that the fact that IDrive gives you 2TB of matching file sync space, and for some the value will be greater.

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Now, you can only get 10GB all hot. Zoolz can also backup social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram. Again, though, 10GB of space limits the value of those particular features.

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Other backup features include backup scheduling, hybrid backup, private encryption and multithreaded backup. Missing features aside, the landscape for free backup is so barren that Jottacloud makes our list with relative ease. Capabilities of note include a backup scheduler, continuous backup and file versioning. Jottacloud Photos might be the feature that sets the service apart the most from run-of-the-mill backup options.

However, the lack of file compression also means you use up backup space more quickly. Oh, and its slow and the customer support is less than stellar. Last and, in this case, least, is Elephant Drive, with a scant 2GB of free online backup.

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Elephant Drive Lite, as the freebie plan is called, also limits you to file upload sizes of MB. Of course, with 2GB of file space, you can only backup 20 or so MB files anyway. The service does, at least, provide an option for private, end-to-end encryption, so you can keep those 20 files safe. Backups can be set to run continuously, or you can schedule daily, weekly or monthly backups.

While putting together our Elephant Drive review , we ran into a few technical issues when trying to restore files. After all, they say you should never look a gift elephant in the mouth. Or something like that. The advantage of using a dedicated online backup service to protect your files rather than using cloud storage is that most such tools are designed to almost effortlessly protect your entire hard drive with features like automatic backup by file type and backup schedulers.

In that case, using cloud storage to safeguard your precious files makes some sense. The good news for you is that there are many more free cloud storage options out there than free backup, which we detail in our best free cloud storage article. We recommend pCloud , which, as noted in our pCloud review , gives you 10GB of free storage, expandable to 20GB with recommendations. Our Sync. The truth of the matter is that there are no truly great options for free online backup. CloudBerry Backup freemium paired with 15GB of free Google Drive storage is an easy winner, but even that approach has many limitations.

Backblaze, IDrive and Carbonite all fit the bill, and we even have a comparison article to help you pick between them. Jottacloud comes from privacy-friendly Norway , and it blurs the line between cloud backup and cloud storage. Plus, Jottacloud places no feature restrictions on it. Jottacloud can backup your computers, NAS devices and external drives.

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Like the previous two entries, Jottacloud provides device synchronization and file sharing capabilities. Plus, it offers an online archive that you can move files to and free space on your computer. Other common cloud backup features include image backup, scheduling and file versioning.

File sharing lets you create a link to your file. The app is useful if you want to upload and manage your photos. You can also stream videos to your devices. Jottacloud has features that are uncommon to cloud backup, but incremental backup, a staple feature, is missing. It helps speed up transfers and save cloud space by transferring only the changed parts of files selected for backup. If you want to learn more about backup features, read our online backup library. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS. You can use it to automatically backup photos and videos but not your mobile data.

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We were relatively close to Norway when we performed the speed tests in our Jottacloud review so it was fast on file upload and slow on download. Free trials are more common. That said, there are several options to choose from. The first two picks are more difficult to use than the last three, but they offer more backup space in return. Duplicati has more free storage services at its disposal, so you can enjoy more backup space with it than you can with CloudBerry Backup.

Did we miss a backup service that has a free plan? Which one do you use? Tell us in the comments below. Thank you for reading. Table of Contents. Pros: Multiple cloud options Software is free Lots of free storage with various providers. Cons: Weak support Harder for laymen No mobile apps.

Duplicati Review. Visit Duplicati. Cloudberry Backup Review. Visit Cloudberry Backup.

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Pros: Free plan backs up various devices Multimedia features Social media backup. Pros: Unlimited device backup Inexpensive plans Sync capabilities. Cons: Desktop app is complex Slow No multithreaded backup. IDrive Review. Visit IDrive. Pros: Syncs devices File sharing Great photo backup. Jottacloud Review. Visit Jottacloud. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Best Online Backup with Ransomware Protection You can also save disk space by configuring the Mac client to only sync selected folders. If you want to know more about this service, see our NextCloud review.

Dropbox offers 2GB of space for free, VeraCyrpt is also a free open source service so that is highly secure.

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Dropbox is not a secure or privacy-friendly Cloud provider by any means, but its new Smart Sync feature is a doozy if you need to free up some disk space on your Mac. Smart Sync allows you to upload files so they are stored online only. It also super-charges selected syncing because files and folders which are not stored locally are still displayed in Finder using placeholder icons.

This allows you to search and manage online-only files as if they were stored locally, and to seamlessly download and open them just like local files. Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive offer a similar feature, but in our view, Dropbox provides the slickest and most seamless implementation of the idea.

None of these services are privacy-friendly, however, so we strongly recommend only using them after you have encrypted files locally before uploading them to the Cloud. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to create a VeraCrypt container inside your Dropbox etc. In this way, all files placed in the mounted container will be encrypted before being uploaded to Dropbox, and decrypted locally for viewing.

Apple is quite aggressive at pushing users towards its own cloud storage solution, iCloud, and many Mac users quite understandably simply go with the flow.

Store in iCloud allows you to move all files, photos, and messages to online-only storage, while Optimize Storage saves space by automatically removing iTunes movies and TV shows once they have been watched. For just saving disk space, iCloud is hard to beat. Indeed, the lack of granular control over which files are uploaded means that you cannot encrypt them on a file-by-file basis before they are stored in iCloud.

This stores multiple past versions of files so that they can be recovered at a later point. This is crucial for recovering files which have become corrupted or infected with malware such as ransomware, but can also be a lifesaver if you wish to revert changes to your documents. It is a shame that no privacy-focused cloud service we are aware of provides anywhere near as good support for offloading files to the cloud as those from Apple, Dropbox, Microsoft, and Google.

In the future, we hope this might change. Nextcloud allows you to jury-rig a solution, but it has to be said this is rather clumsy. The privacy issues with using Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive can be heavily mitigated against by encrypting files yourself before uploading them using software such as VeraCrypt, but this does introduce its own nuisances.

Such is the price of privacy.